2013 SW Junior Squad Sponsorship

Each year, coaches, team managers and background team volunteers come together to set up and run monthly  junior coaching sessions for the youngsters throughout the region. The youngsters all come from different clubs and receive a five hour coaching session from some of our most experienced coaches.

SW Girls Training at Burnham

They learn new skills, train within their own age groups and take these new skills and experiences back to their own clubs. It improves the overall standard of the sport in the region and the successful candidates represent the region at the Inter Regional Championships at the end of the season. This is also the stepping stone for other National squads and the UK School Games etc.

The 2012-13 Exeter Challenge, Torexe VC sponsored SWVA Junior Squads

In the past we have received some funding from Volleyball England, today we must raise our own sponsorship to keep this excellent activity going and affordable for everyone today and in future years.

To do this we are looking at team sponsorship and other offers in kind, so far this season we have received sponsorship from the Exeter Challenge and discounted court time from the Torexe Volleyball Club but unfortunately we need more.

Volleyball is a relatively cheap sport (compared to others) and lots of our clubs and events run at a profit. If you have juniors in your area who are benefiting from this then why not add your name to the list of sponsors with a cheque or an offer in kind and help to keep this activity going. Sponsor some court time, Sponsor a training ball (we need to purchase some more lightweight balls) or a new training net, one of our biggest expenses is the Minibus hire to get us to the Inter Regional Tournament.

For more info or an offer of sponsorship, then please contact me, Dave Reece Dave.Reece@Network100.co.uk or call me on 01392 446031.





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