2014-15 SWVA Player Registrations

We have agreed to make a couple of changes to the 2014-15 SWVA player registration process with the introducing of the SWVA “Team Sheets”. We have always required teams to enter their player registrations on the score sheets, however the FIVB have now removed the player registration box from their latest set of score sheets. In the National League, teams have to present a “Team Sheet” to the match officials before each match. We have decided to follow suit and hence all teams MUST now present their “Team Sheet” to the score table before each match or at team registration for the SW Junior Grand Prix or SWJBT events.

Team Sheets

The team sheets are automatically produced by the SWVA players registration database and are available for anyone in the club to print off (using either their own SWVA user name or their club SWVA user name). The “Team Sheet” lists all registered players for the team, their SWVA registration number, DOB for a SWJGP or SWJBT team and the players photo (if added, optional this year). Any player not listed on the “Team Sheet” can not take part in the match.

Before handing the “Team Sheet” to the score table, the coach or team captain must cross out all players not involved in to days match and enter the players shirt numbers against the appropriate player.

SWVA League team example:


SWJGP team example:


Your “Team Sheet” is available on your club page / Player Registration page on the SWVA web site. www.swva.org.uk/south-west-registrations


Your club page will also show all your club players and which team(s) they have been registered for.



The process to register a player is basically the same as last season, registration can be done by anyone in your club with a SWVA User ID or by the players themselves using your club user Id and password (this works well when you have a lot of junior players).

To edit a players details, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the Players Members Detail page. [club SWVA user name’s DO NOT have access to this page, you must be logged in with your own individual user name].

Additional Registration Notes:

  • To register a player (adult or junior) you will need to enter (name, club, team, nationality, contact email #, DOB if under 18).
  • Every player must be recorded against a unique email address, if the email address is already in uses, the players is either already registered, registered for another club or incorrectly entered.
  • Although a number of other regional leagues require a photo ID, we have decided to leave this optional in the SWVA this year.
  • We have also added a box for your Volleyball England membership number, which may become a requirement during the season (see VE for details).
  • A DOB is required for all junior events, without a DOB entered, juniors will not appear in your clubs SWJGP or SWJBT Team Sheet.
  • U18 Players can dual register for different clubs for different competitions (e.g. junior & adult events), please contact the membership sec Dave Reece with details when required.
  • If all boxes are entered correctly, the system is set up to automatically approve the players and hence you could register a player at the last minute.
  • We had a couple of occasions last year where teams entered false information, where this happens, the player will have their status changed to unapproved and hence the club will forfeit any matches played.

 For U18 players, please use the players email address (if appropriate), Parents / Guardian address for the younger players (not the coaches email address).





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