Beach volleyball to get live virtual reality

Fans not lucky enough to be on Copacabana Beach for the men’s and women’s finals of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games beach volleyball tournament will still have the chance to experience it through a fully immersive virtual reality broadcast. Live 360-degree video will be streamed live from the iconic arena for both finals, with camera systems located in strategic locations on the field of play as close as possible to the action, providing a mix of viewing angles.


The Olympic Broadcasting Service, who are organising the broadcast, will produce more than 85 hours of footage across all sports at the Olympics. The FIVB is no stranger to virtual reality, with several hubs at the Volleyball House – located a few hundred metres from the beach volleyball venue – giving guests the chance to experience volleyball and beach volleyball through 360-degree video.

With the beach volleyball venue already established as the place to be at Rio 2016, more fans around the world will be able to experience the unique atmosphere from Copacabana.

from FIVB

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