CSSC Volleyball – Indoor event, 4 & 5 September

Date: 4-5 September 2018

Venue: Nottingham University – David Ross Sports Village 

Registration: 09:30
Start time: 09:45
Entry fee: £12.00 per team (£4 per individual)
Closing date for entries: 24 August 2018

For further details please contact Lenny Barry on 07469 136293

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Get involved…!!

Membership of CSSC is open to all traditional civil servants, public sector employees such as NHS, Local Authorities, Fire, Police, Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly and over five hundred other organisations.

Equally family and friends of existing members can also join – up to three “linked” members per member, so it’s pretty difficult not to be eligible..!!

And it’s not just volleyball…!!

Lots of other sports and activities, massive discounts on shops and services (someone saved £2000 last year using our discount scheme), tastecard offering 2-for-1 deals in thousands of restaurants, discounted cinema tickets and much more……and financial support to attend events through the National Travel Policy detailed below.

Why wouldn’t you do it..??!!


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Do you work in the Public Service? NHS, Local Authority, education, fire / police / military, civil service or the like..? Then read on for volleyball news and opportunitiees relating to you!!


CSSC has been the sports and leisure provider for “traditional” civil servants for 97 years and has matured and evolved over the years as a result of changes in member needs, wishes and future development.

I served as a Director of CSSC for three years and I developed and proposed a strategy of widening the membership in response to notification from HM Treasury that they would be tapering our £1.2m Grant down over five years to zero. This meant CSSC faced a loss of income and had to adopt a strategic approach, which was quite unusual for them, in all honesty.

Activities and assets were critically assessed. After assessment, consultation and review assets which were not profitable, or viable going forwards (eg some sports grounds, some social clubs etc) were closed.

Activities offered were similarly assessed and encouraged and supported to increase participation and member involvement.

The big change

The biggest change, debated for years, and taken a while to be implemented, was to open CSSC membership up to a wider audience in the Public Service. This was to include the NHS, Local Authorities and many others, including serving (and recently retired/discharged) military personnel.

What does this mean?

Effectively all public sector personnel are eligible to join CSSC, with the associated benefits and opportunities.


CSSC Volleyball offers opportunities to play in the Beach Championships in Brighton (end of May), and the Indoor Competition in September (Nottingham).

Both events offer differing levels of competition, allowing participants to find their level and play competitively in a friendly environment.

You could enter, either on your own, or with work colleagues in the local CSSC Area or Region, or with colleagues from within your own organisation – how would you get information to them? Intranet? Your organisation sports and social association?

CSSC Volleyball is just writing its next five year plan which will hopefully include getting grass, sitting, beach and indoor volleyball played regularly in our Regions, with more volleyball opportunities locally!

What’s the catch?

Well, everyone who plays has to be a CSSC member.

Membership is around £4.25 a month. Appreciate that £50 a year is quite a lot to have two possible volleyball events, so there is mitigation:

CSSC have a central funding support policy that entitles all members some support to take part in events.

Details of the National Travel Policy are here https://www.cssc.co.uk/subsidies/national-travel-policy/

Far be it from me to say, but many members will get more back from the NTP than they pay for their membership….!

Again I realise that may not be enough to swing it but, of course, there are many other benefits from being a CSSC member including:

Discounted cinema tickets

Tastecard enabling 2-for-1 dining in thousands of restaurants

MySavings – where members can save good amounts of retailers, from M&S, Argos, B&Q, Asda, Sainsbury and hundreds more. I met a member at CSSC Conference in June who had saved £2,000 last year by using MySavings opportunities wisely, and to the full. Impressive!

Many, many more member benefits can be found herehttps://www.cssc.co.uk/membership/about-cssc/

What next?

Well, I hope that you, and others, can see potential benefits and opportunities for volleyball in CSSC, and you will want to get involved!

It would be great if some more volleyballers joined CSSC and were able to play at the Indoor event on 4/5 September.

More than happy to discuss and have a conversation!


Lenny Barry
CSSC Volleyball National Organiser
03000 541263
07469 136293

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