es-bench and es-ref from DataProject


Volleyball England and Steve Mathews  have been trialing the latest version of es-bench and es-ref from DataProject and will be looking to introduce it to Super 8’s.

e-bench & e-ref

The tablets are linked into the Datavolley e-scoresheet and as well as highlighting the rotation etc to the officials, coaches have a number of other options:

During the match
During the match the tablet will have 3 buttons indicating
Substitutions, Timeout and Challenge.
Each of the buttons has a “progress” bar showing the number of
requests made for each action.
During a rally the buttons Time Out and Challenge requests will
be disabled. Substitution preparations however can still be made
on the teams tablets

For events using the Challenge System
The e-Scoresheet bench application in conjunction with
LiteScore will be used to indicate a Challenge as below.
1. During the rally the Challenge button will be silver.
2. When a challenge is requested by a team on their
tablet the progress bar will change colour to silver
indicating the request has been acknowledged.

More info at: ebook.cev.pdf

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