Finding Funds via Just Giving

We often hear that finding funds is difficult. London School, Chadwell Heath Academy, have shown that it is possible. Having won the VE U16 Title in 2013, they requested the nomination for the ISF World Schools Championship. They got it and then found the cost would be £8250. Chadwell Heath is not in a wealthy part of London, and finding that sort of money was not going to be easy.

Champions though are made of tough stuff and set about their task.

Their London Borough, Redbridge, came up with £1,500, the London Volleyball Association, gave them £1,000. With support from all round they set up a Just Giving Page

to raise another £2000. With loads of donations from friends, family, members of the volleyball family, they have smashed through their target, raising £2364. With just 2 hours to go they have raised £4864 over half of their costs.
Donations from £5 upward, mostly £10, and a few larger ones. But it is hard work asking people to help and they have succeeded.

So well done to Chadwell Heath and their Coach Jack Molyneux.

And good luck in Portugal next year.


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