Go Spike Beach Activation Programme

Volleyball England is delighted to announce a significant grant from the FIVB/CEV to help support recreational beach volleyball for the next three years.

Volleyball England applied to the FIVB Development Fund for financial support to develop a Go Spike Beach Activation Programme.   The FIVB & CEV have now confirmed that the application has been successful. Volleyball England will receive US$84,000 (£52,500) over the next three years to fund a Go Spike Beach Activation Programme starting in May 2015 and fully funded until August 2017.

The key objectives of the programme are to:

  • Create regular opportunities for individuals to play recreational beach volleyball during the summers of 2015 – 2017
  • To work closely with the permanent beach court network to offer the tools and funding to upskill workforce in return for delivering a minimum of 6 hours per week of activity
  • The 6 hours of activity will ideally take the following format: 3 hours of coached activity per week for local schools, under the Let’s Play Volleyball brand, and 3 hours of Activator lead recreational activity for the 16+ age group, via Go Spike
  • The goal over the 3 years is to have offered 7,680 school children and 3,072 16+ year olds the opportunity to experience beach volleyball on a regular basis and encourage them to become long-term beach volleyball players
  • The programme is projected to support at least 12 permanent beach sites, offering 4,032 hours of volleyball during the next 3 years

The specific programme plan is being developed and will include consultation with permanent beach court operators and key people in the beach volleyball community.

In the meantime if you any questions please contact Samantha Harding, Adult Participation Manager on s.harding@volleyballengland.org or 01509 227742

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