Home Nation Junior Beach Cup 2018

Cardiff Beach Volleyball Centre will welcome some of the finest junior beach volleyball talent next week, as the rising stars of the sport battle it out for national pride and glory at the Home Nations Junior Beach Volleyball Cup 2018!

It all kicks off on Monday with a good number of SW juniors taking part for England and Wales. The three days of action starts at 11:00, you can keep up to date with the action, results, scores and live video feed at www.Inter-Beach.net

Each Team consists of two pairs of teams, Pair #1 and Pair #2. Pair #1 play against Pair #1 from another team and the same goes for Pair #2. After these two team matches, there will be a team score of either 2-0 or 1-1. If a team has won 2-0, they have won the round.

If there is a 1-1 draw in matches then the team must play a tie-breaker ‘Golden Match’ where the team coach can choose any two of the four team players to represent the team.

Taking part this year:

  • Ellena Austin – England U18 – Club: Academy of Beach Sports
  • Katie Anderson – Wales U19 – Club: Team South Wales
  • Kate Hill-Anning – England U16 – Club: Academy of Beach Sports
  • Elisa Ionascu – Wales U16 – Club: Team South Wales
  • Mary Kouravand – Wales U19 – Club: Swansea
  • Matthew Monckton – Wales U19 – Club: Cardiff Celts
  • Beth Morgan – England U16 – Club: Academy of Beach Sports
  • John Morgan – Wales U19 – Club: Academy of Beach Sports
  • Tejah Mossman – England U16 – Club: Taunton Volleyball Club
  • Zack Nettley – Wales U18 – Club: Academy of Beach Sports
  • Adam Sully – Wales U19 – Club: Cardiff Celts
  • Charlotte Wittram – England U17 – Club: Wessex Volleyball

Good luck to everyone.

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