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A change in this year’s Volleyball England’s insurance has raised a few concerns, we note this year that a new coach is defined as: “must be suitably qualified to coach the sport in question and possess 3 years practical coaching experience for the sport in question.”

A couple of people have highlighted that this appears detrimental to aspiring new coaches who have just qualified and who want to start to be an integral put of their club’s coaching set up. There are also varying views as to what is 3 years practical coaching experience?

We all know that today coaches have to collect a number of certificates to qualify and what insurance companies are like when it comes to disputing a claim. Looks like more emphases will need to be put on Coaches log books and for clubs to examine (and cross check) coaches who join their clubs.

The above has been raised by the SWVA at the Regional Commission and with VE in September, we have not yet received an update or clarification on this. VE are still stating on their web site (Nov 2018) that “All Coaches receive £5 million public liability insurance” which we believe is incorrect for new coaches.


If you are new to coaching, keep a log book.

If you are a newly qualified Coach (even a level 2) and you can’t show three years of regular and suitable experience, I would suggest that you are NOT insured via VE Public Liability insurance. Suggest you look at other insurance providers.

If you are a club and a new coach joins you, check their coaching log book for three years suitably experience.

If you are an inactive coach (taking a break) and looking to return to the sport, you may wish to start as an assistance coach first to build up your log book.

Dave Reece
SWVA Chair

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