Inter Area Tournament 2019

You may have seen in the South West newsletter that I am looking to see if I can re-kindle an Inter Area tournament where the winners of each region (Local League) play each other in a tournament. Not restricting this to just the SW Region I am keen to open this up to neighbouring regions.

The idea being that a team who won a region ( or came second/third if the other teams are not interested ) could represent their region to play in a one day tournament.

The format and location would be dictated by the number of teams interested and their location. The tournament would be indoor and likely to take place during the second half of May / first half of June.

In order to gauge interest, would you be able to ask your region if they would be interested to enter. Would you be able to get back to me by the end of March so that we can judge if we have enough teams that are interested.

Many thanks

Steve Grimes

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