Let’s Double Your Court Capacity!

two courts

What is Volleyball England proposing?

In most standard sports halls, only one volleyball court is provided. This is set out length ways. For training and development purposes this provides limited net space for practices and restricts the numbers able to practice.

The “At The Net” project looks to replicate similar successful project with universities and colleges, whereby two training courts are installed width ways across a sports hall.

By putting two courts across the hall the court space is doubled and many more players can take part. Where a hall is only 18m wall to wall, this is acceptable for training purposes. The space at the sides of the courts is a minimum of 3m which is the standard required.

How will we do this?

We will provide a new set of club standard posts and a net. The manufacturers will install eight new floor anchors. Each post requires two floor anchors. Your existing set of posts can be bolted down into these to provide one of the two courts. The contractors will also tape the sidelines and provide spare tape if you wish to put the centre and attack lines down as well. If a hall is 20+m wide contractors will do full court markings. Court markings will be the same but there will be a longer run off.

Deadline for the submission of your application is Friday January 23rd 2015 5PM. Selection of projects will then follow with installation the period mid-March to mid-April. More info: The Net Project Guidance

Editors Note: If this type of set is for you, then get your applications in early. Not sure, their are a number of venues around the SW region already with this type of set up, go and have a look, there are of course a number of disadvantages.

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