National U14 JuVoTo Festival

SW Teams at the U14 4 v 4 IRC Final

This is your initial invitation to take part and represent the SW Region in the Inaugural National U14 JuVoTo Festival on May 5th at the Walsall Campus of Wolverhampton University.

This event is to partly replace the U14 (4v4) event that was part of the Inter Region Championships until 2017.

The Vision:

  • Truly National Festival for Boys and Girls playing 4 v 4 on badminton courts.
  • Open to Schools and Clubs alike. Celebrating our sport, a spectacle that all will enjoy.
  • With 12 courts available we intend to maximise play and embrace a range of abilities.
  • Pool play in leagues of 5, 6 or more with timed sets.
  • A Major outcome will be to develop young officials and coaches.

Whilst competition is fundamental the philosophy is developmental.

Competition specific rules:
1. Match Squads of 6. ( more players can be used in other matches )
2. Continuous substitution by rotation.
3. Under arm serve only.
4. Server rotates after 3 successful serves.
5. Server is a back court player ( badminton service line )

SW Teams at the U14 4 v 4 IRC Finals


As this is the first year there are a number of unknowns, it’s a one day event but a hotel the night before may be useful. Shared mini busses and accommodation may work, the SWVA can provide equipment and cover the required entry fees, happy to look at support for transport and accommodation if required.

To proceed we need to have received your expression on interest by the 1st Jan 2019 (entry forms Feb and closing entry date Mar).

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