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Top coaching course “changes thinking” on volleyball

Coaches from across the country were at the National Volleyball Centre in April to attend the final weekend of Volleyball England’s flagship coaching course.

The Level 3 course attracted 14 coaches from all locations and backgrounds, those coaching juniors right up to England level.
Course tutor, Craig Handford said: “It was one of the best courses that I have been involved in and this was due in no small part to the quality of the candidates and their engagement with the material. I expect the group to go on and to continue to develop their skills to become even better coaches.”

Candidates included London 2012 player Rachel Laybourne, now coaching England Junior girls and an NVL women’s team, who commented: “The course will help me with the development of my young players as it will help me to play more systems. I can now look at the strengths of the systems and the players’ ability to play them. This course is great as there is so much volleyball content. It’s invaluable.”

Matt Rhymer from Academy of Beach Sports, recently crowned Young Coach of The Year at the Annual Awards, said: “I’ve learnt so much; statistics; rotational systems; defensive systems; how to prepare teams for a match. It has been an engaging, inspiring and thought provoking course and I have a network of new coaches.”

For Simon Cowie, a coach at York Volleyball Club, the course has changed his thinking: “It has opened my eyes – you don’t know what you don’t know until you come on this course. It’s been incredibly challenging but such a great buzz. I’ve loved it.”

Full list of coaches:
Samuel Allen (Newcastle Staffs VC), Maria Bertelli (Darkstar), Carl Brookes (Cleobury VC), Simon Cowie (York VC), Dave Gunter (Wessex), Jurek Jankowski (Volleyball Taunton), Rachel Laybourne (Team Essex), Nicola Mead (Farnborough), Tim Newton (PETROC Academy), Eve Porter (Haughton VC), Matthew Rhymer (Academy of Beach Sports), Mohammad Sliti (Tower Hamlets, London), Sandra Stoll (Cardiff Celts VC), Sean Poole (VK Barnet).

The next Level 3 course will be scheduled soon. It is an ideal stepping stone for all Level 2 coaches who are working with competitive teams. For more information on the course itself and the content visit:http://www.volleyballengland.org/getintovolleyball/coaching/courses/ve_level_3

If you wish to register for 2016, please contact Roman Neveykin atcoaching@volleyballengland.org

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