SW Match Guidelines for 2021/22

No congratulatory touches or handshakes, teams are recommended to line up on the 3m line and to applaud the opposition

We are all looking forward to getting back to a near normal SW League season this year but we still have to be aware of Covid issues. With respect to that, all teams have been sent a Covid appendix to the normal SW League rules.

NB: We have started doing the line up at the end of training, it works quite well.


The SWVA recommends that the following guidance is followed at all matches:

• Use of electronic/squeezy whistles.
• Teams should maintain social distancing between teams as much as practical.
• Home teams should provide sanitizing wipes/equipment for cleaning volleyballs, seating, scoreboards, referees stands etc.
• Balls should be sanitised before the start of warmup, at timeouts and between sets.
• No shared food to be provided by host teams, all players must provide their own food for the day.
• No congratulatory touches and no handshakes. Teams are recommended to line up on the 3m line and applaud the opposition at the end of the game (as seen in the Olympics).
• Players should not put their belongings on chairs/benches allowing them to be wiped down easily when teams change ends.
• Referees should show tolerance to players encroaching onto court at time outs and between sets if required to prevent players having to group too close together.
• All teams should provide their own pens and do not have to sign the scoresheets if they give verbal approval to the scorer who can record this on the scoresheet.
• Scorers should regularly sanitise their hands whilst scoring.


Teams must ensure that they have sufficient numbers to cope with 2 or 3 players self-isolating. All players attending matches do so on the understanding that taking part does constitute an increased transmission risk and they are opting in to participating in volleyball activity. The SWVA holds no responsibility if players should become infected at an event.

Match attendance

The following guidelines take into consideration the Volleyball England guidance as of 29 August 2021, https://www.volleyballengland.org/coronavirus

Players must NOT attend matches if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have symptoms of COVID 19 (a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss of sense of smell or taste) or are living in a household with a possible COVID 19 infection
  • Have been asked to self-isolate by the NHS, your workplace or school or have returned from a country within the last 14 days which requires you to self-isolate
  • Have had a recent positive test result (lateral flow or PCR) or are awaiting a PCR test result


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