The End of Clifton Hill SC

The bulldozers have finally moved into the Clifton Hill Sports Centre this week, not a venue we have used recently but it was the first public sports centre built and opened in Exeter in 1985. A group of outdoor volleyball enthusiasts from Coaver VC booked out the whole sports hall on Friday evenings and started the Clifton Hill VC.

A few years later we changed the name to the Exeter VC & combined with the Torbay VC, forming the Exeter & Torbay VC, better known to everyone as Torexe (we didn’t like ExeTor).

We have since moved on to the Exeter Riverside LC, almost 40 years later, the four hour Friday evening booking is still going strong and the back bone of the club’s activities.

As for the Riverside LC, it’s currently closed and getting a new roof and solar panels. So hopefully we will see less rain and pidgeon stuff on court and back open in time for the 2022/23 volleyball season.

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