VE Supports Women in Coaching

New research, from Leeds Beckett University in partnership with sports coach UK and ORD consultants, into the wellbeing of women coaches suggests that women coaches lack access to elite coaching networks, are working beyond their job requirements and that their wellbeing is being negatively impacted by low levels of physical activity.

But what is Volleyball England doing to combat this? We’ve signed up to the Reach campaign to support women in coaching, be it at grassroots or elite level. In partnership with Reach, we’re offering funding to female coaches to attend our Level 3 coaching course (full details here). As Volleyball England’s flagship coaching course, this will give women access to a national network of elite level coaches and invest confidence in women that we, the NGB, support women to reach the highest level of coaching.

At the local level, what are you or your club doing to help women get into or progress in coaching? Get in touch with us to share your story.

Thank you to Dr. Leanne Norman for permission to use the executive research summary in our newsletter.

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