Wanted – One Beach for 12+ Volleyball Courts


Beach players and regular readers will be familiar with the lose of the Exmouth Beach Tournament program (Pairs / Four’s / Juniors) over the last few seasons due to sand erosionĀ and the ongoing battering from winter storms.

With no sign of this improving and a couple of garages full of unused tournament equipment, one option is to find another tournament location. Where the club can roll up with a couple of vans, set up 12 plus courts and invite 200 plus players along for some Beach Volleyball fun.

So far our search for a new tournament beach has not been too successful, can you help?


Requirements: Soft clean sand / nearby road access / spare space for 12 plus courts / facilities for 200 plus people / not currently used for beach tournaments. If you know of a beach that meets these conditions then we would love to hear from you.

Dave Reece
Exmouth Beach VC


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