Why are Sports Clubs a Target for Hackers?

You may find the article below (sports clubs / targeted by hackers) of use to your association / clubs. There is a link to some commercial products, which can be ignored, but the general information / awareness is quite useful.

Ron Richards

Sport and leisure clubs of all sizes are finding themselves under attack from cyber criminals. These attacks can result in large financial penalties, loss of member trust and loss of sponsorship.

On average, the cost of a successful cyber attack to a sports club in the UK is £10,000. For many amateur community clubs this would be a crippling financial hit.

But why are hackers choosing the sport and leisure market? This article from our partners at DeCyber lists the reasons why and highlights the importance of making your data secure.

Full item at: https://www.decyber.co.uk/blog/why-are-sport-and-leisure-clubs-a-target-for-hackers/

NB: Each week we appear to have someone pretending to be the SWVA Chairman and requesting funds to be transferred to their account by the Treasurer. Fortunately, we have a system that identified the real Chairman among the phony emails, plus something called a Phone (which is very useful at times).


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