Yvonne Perkins to step down as Chair of Volleyball Wales

Yvonne Perkins will be standing down as Chair of Volleyball Wales at the end of July, after a decade in post.

Yvonne stepped into the position at a very exciting time for Volleyball as the GB teams were preparing for their inclusion in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Volleyball Wales was created in April 2009 and completed the British jigsaw puzzle giving Wales a voice within the British Volleyball Federation, Small Countries Division in Europe, Confederations of European Volleyball and Federation of International Volleyball.

These ties were strengthened when Yvonne worked for LOCOG in London as the Group Admin Leader for Beach Volleyball in the Olympic Games, cementing firm friendships and links to many people within the Volleyball Community both in the UK and overseas.  It was also with pride that several others from Wales were Gamesmakers at the Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball events.  With the motivation and inspiration that came from the Games, Volleyball within Wales was seeing an insurgence, especially at Junior Level.

Coaches Sandra Stoll and Jack Allman have been the biggest driver of junior volleyball within Wales enabling junior teams to compete internationally for both boys and girls, and it has been a huge delight to see their hard work pay off with some of the ‘original’ juniors competing on the senior scene for beach volleyball in recent years.  Without their massive input, Volleyball Wales would not have been able to continue.

Closer to home, in 2014 Yvonne organised the Welsh League which has provided opportunities for players as well as providing opportunities for several new clubs to be developed in South Wales.  It was hoped to replicate this in the North but this has not yet been achieved, although it is encouraging to see pockets of volleyball returning with some clubs utilising the coaching resources and training provided by Sandra over recent years.

As well as her role as Chair and League Secretary, Yvonne has also been the Treasurer and Secretary for Volleyball Wales for the past 8-9 years as these roles have not been filled since the previous post holders stepped down.  Yvonne continued to cover these roles to enable the coaches to focus more on the coaching, and to develop the players needed for the future.

It is worth noting that all of the positions within Volleyball Wales are of a voluntary nature, and that those who have or currently are serving on the Board or Coaching the teams, or even providing training for coaches, has been done in peoples own time or as part of their annual leave.  It is hoped that more people will make themselves available to ease the burden of those remaining.

From Volleyballwales.com

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