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Each year a number of our existing and new coaches, volunteers, non playing members and parents come together to help run our annual SW Inter Regional training program. The current season is no different and we would like the hear from anyone who would like to get involves, particularly from newly qualified coaches or player who would just like to know more with this very rewarding experience.

The Training Program…

Girls and Boys sessions take place on the same day but with staggered sessions during the day. We have appointed a Director of Coaching, Jurek Jankowski Director of Coaching who will oversee the coaching program and our Head Coaches, Ros Sutherland is our coach mentor and will be working with our younger coaches do develop their coaching skills. Dave Reece will be leading the off court admin team.


All training sessions currently take place at the Riverside LC in Exeter, a double court facility, once a month. The sessions are split e.g. Girls then Boys, so their will be an opportunity to get involved with all squads.

The following court time has been booked at the Riverside LC in Exeter and will be split into separate Girls & Boy’s session with a short overlap:

See Calendar for the current dates: Calendar

New IRC U14 training nets

SWVA Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart

We are always open to hearing from volunteers and for coaches to join the team to get in involved, basic job description are as per the list below. In addition to this all SW Squad Staff need to be a registered member of Volleyball England, either via their Coaching / Refereeing membership or as a registered Player, everyone else will need to register as a volunteer member.

All session’s are run under our SW Junior Volleyball Club and everyone working at these session must act with respect to the Volleyball England Child Welfare Policy & Guidance documentation. A copy is available at:

National Champions 2017 – SW U17 Boys

To apply or just to register an expression of interest, please fill in the form below. Any questions or if you would just like to know more, please contact Jurek Jankowski (

SWVA Junior Squad Application Form

  •   Coach
      Not a Member
      Other VA

  •   Team Manger Indoors
      Head Coach Indoors
      Assistant Coach Indoors
      Team Manager Beach
      Head Coach Beach
      Assistant Coach Beach
      Volunteer Helper
  •   Girls U15
      Girls U17
      U17's Girls Beach
      Boys U15
      Boys U17
      U17's Boys Beach

  •   Team Manager Indoors
      Head Coach Indoor
      Assistant Coach Indoors
      Team Manager Beach
      Head Coach beach
      Volunteer Helper
      Assistant Coach Beach
  •   Girls U15 Indoors
      Girls U17 Indoors
      U17's Girls Beach
      Boys U15 Indoors
      Boys U17 Indoors
      U17's Boys Beach

  •   VE Level 1
      VE Level 2
      VE Level 3
      FIVB 1
      FIVB 2
      VE Beach
      None - Waiting for a course

  •   CRB/DBS
      Safe Guarding
      Time To Listen
      First Aid

Once submitted, your form will be automatically forwarded to the Jurek and the admin team. After a couple of seconds you will be returned to the SWVA Home page.