Upload Scoresheet

To upload a copy of your scoresheet, take a photo (jpg) or a scan copy of your scoresheet, convert to pdf (smaller than 6MB) and upload via the form below.

Upload your scoresheet before leaving the sportshall using a portable deviceswva-scoresheet-photo 


  •  Take a photo with a tablet, smart phone or camera (min 5MB camera required)
  • DO NOT CROP or ADJUST the IMAGE (as this will compress the image)
  • Check that you can read the scoresheet: Accepted / Not Accepted
  • Go to scoresheet upload page www.SWVA.org.uk
  • Fill in match details and upload, all done.

 * Required information

[form scoresheet]

We currently have an upload issues with a particular type of JPG file, we do not know the reason for this at the moment. But we have found that if you adjust the photos and re-save, this appears to solve the issue or convert to PDF.

Once you have clicked on the Submit button, it will take a little time to upload your scoresheet, once uploaded you will see a confirmation page.