Join the Beach Team

We currently have a vacancy in the SW coaching team for an assistant coach to help run the Boys U18 SW Beach team plus a couple of volunteers to help out. You will be working with our head coach, Denise Austin and other members of the SW coaching team. If you are interested, please have a read of the info below and submit your details, the closing date is the 31st March 2020.

If you need any more info or have a chat, please do get in touch, this is an exciting opportunity.

Dave Reece

Inter Regional Beach Championship Program

In the SW we promote open training sessions available to all, squad selection, match training and where possible pre event competitions for the teams. We also promote travelling, eating and staying together to build the team spirit for the final event.

The Inter Regional program is set up to be self-funding with respect to court time, travel and accommodation costs.

The SWVA also provides all equipment, team kit, all competition entry fees and where appropriate will help with training for the Team Manager (e.g. CWO course) and coaches etc. The IRC squads have attracted sponsorship and funding in the past, a numbers of players attract or arrange their own sponsorship to cover their fees.

To represent the Region, players need to have an address within the region, go to school or play for a club in the SWVA Region. The SWVA region covers SW England, South Wales, the Channel Islands and some players located in bordering counties may also qualify.

The Beach Development Office will work with the SW Exec committee, Dave Reece (Chair), Ron Richards (Sec) and Jurek Jankowski (Coaching Director) to set up and run the Beach Program. Once approved the beach officer will be given the appropriate resources and authority to run and complete the program.

We are also always open to hearing from volunteers to join the team as well and to get in involved, basic job descriptions are list below. In addition to this all SW Squad Staff need to be a registered member of Volleyball England, either via their Coaching / Refereeing membership or as a registered Player, everyone else will need to register as a volunteer member.

[Not all job descriptions for the beach program are currently available but will be very similar, if not identical to the indoor IRC program list below.] 

All session’s are run under our SW Junior Volleyball Club and everyone working at these sessions must act with respect to the Volleyball England Child Welfare Policy & Guidance documentation. A copy is available at:

To apply for any of the positions in the Beach Program, or if you would just like to help out as a volunteer, please fill out the following on line form, the closing date is the 31st March 2020.

If you need any more info or have a chat, please do get in touch, this is an exciting opportunity.

SWVA Junior Squad Application Form

  •   Coach
      Not a Member
      Other VA

  •   Team Manger Indoors
      Head Coach Indoors
      Assistant Coach Indoors
      Team Manager Beach
      Head Coach Beach
      Assistant Coach Beach
      Volunteer Helper
  •   Girls U15
      Girls U17
      U18 Girls Beach
      Boys U15
      Boys U17
      U18 Boys Beach

  •   Team Manager Indoors
      Head Coach Indoor
      Assistant Coach Indoors
      Team Manager Beach
      Head Coach beach
      Volunteer Helper
      Assistant Coach Beach
  •   Girls U15 Indoors
      Girls U17 Indoors
      U17's Girls Beach
      Boys U15 Indoors
      Boys U17 Indoors
      U17's Boys Beach

  •   VE Level 1
      VE Level 2
      VE Level 3
      FIVB 1
      FIVB 2
      VE Beach
      None - Waiting for a course

  •   CRB/DBS
      Safe Guarding
      Time To Listen
      First Aid

Once submitted, your form will be automatically forwarded to the admin team. After a couple of seconds you will be returned to the SWVA Home page.