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## The SW Junior Beach Tour is not currently running, these page are left for information only. If you wish to help run or to re-start the SW Junior Beach Tour, then please contact the Chairman. ##

The SW Junior Beach Tour (SWJBT) is a series of junior beach volleyball events held around the South West Volleyball Region (includes South Wales / West Hampshire). The tour brings together individual events in to a series and enable youngsters to attend multiple events. The number of events vary each year, can include county championships, Regional championships, grand slams etc. The format is a beach event but can be held on inland park courts, indoor courts and other similar set ups.

Players are awarded points similar to the VEBT with ranking points, Open and Grand Slam events, Triple Crown Winners, SW Championships. Points will be awarded at each event for the U16’s & U18’s players and team points for the U12 & U14 teams.

Hoisting a Round of the SWJBT

Any Volleyball England registered club can apply to add and to host a full round of the SWJBT (all age groups) to their existing event or a half round (e.g. U17 & U19) only. The organizers event (plus any adult section) will be advertised and promoted to all members via the SWVA web site, Events Calendar and the SWVA Newsletter free of charge.

The hoist organizer can use the SWJBT name, SWJBT logo and link to the SWVA/SWJBT web site as required in connection to the event. After the event (within 36 hours) the hoist is to provide the SWJBT contact with the list of SWJBT event attendees, photo’s of the winners and the full results of the event. The results and the updated tour standings will be published through the normal media channels.

All other matters of the event are the responsibility of the hoist organizer, to include but not limited to: Venue Permission, Equipment, Event and Program Management, Event Staff & Volunteers CRB/DBS checks and insurance, Event Entry Fee / Event Finance / Player Prizes, Entry Form, Parent Consent, Tournament Insurance, VE Child Welfare, Events Sponsorship, Fund Raising, Grant Applications.

The SWVA / SWJBT / SW Junior VC is not responsible and accepts no responsibility for the running of the event, other than providing free publicity for the hoist and receiving a copy of the results afterwards.


Player Registration

For events run by the SWVA / SW Junior VC, all players must be registered with the SWVA (via their club or the SW Junior VC) and present their SWJBT Team Sheet at registration.

Sandbanks 2013 PR Video by Carl Edwards

Competition Rules

All South West Junior Beach Tour events are run in line with the VEJBT and International age groups. From 2014 on wards the age will be born on or after the 1st Jan with this in mind we have shifted our age groups slightly as well.

Where possible the following court sizes and net heights below should be used, organizers can combine age groups if required e.g. U12 & U13 or U17 & U19 to form a meaningfully event if numbers in any age group are low.


The number of player / team points awarded at each event will be decided by the SWVA beach sub committee, and will be based on event size and quality of facilities provided.

It is expect that the event hoist will arrange and present prizes to the winners of each age group & gender where appropriate.



Age Group Format Net Height Girls (m) Net Height Boys (m) Court Size (m)
U12 Born on or after the 1st Jan 2001 all of years upto late year 7′s (born after 31st Dec) 2v2 2.15 2.15 6×6
U13 Born on or after the 1st Jan 2000 all of year 7/late year 8′s (born after 31st Dec) 2v2 2.15 2.24 7×7
U15 Born on or after the 1st Jan 1998 all of year 9/late year 10′s (born after 31st Dec) 2v2 2.24 2.35 8×8
U17 Born on or after the 1st Jan 1996 all of year 11′s/late year 12′s (born after 31st Dec) 2v2 2.24 2.43 8×8
U19 Born on or after the 1st Jan 1994 all of year 13′s/late year 14 (born after 31st Dec) 2v2 2.24 2.43 8×8


  • SWJBT – South West Junior Beach Tour (a collection of junior beach volleyball events)
  • SWVA – South West Volleyball Association (Owners of the SWJBT & SW Junior VC)
  • SW Junior VC – A Volleyball England registered Junior Volleyball, run by the SWVA

Highlights from the U12 Final

SWJBT Contact: Ros Sutherland
Beach Volleyball: Denise Austin