Junior Philosophy


(Rebranded for 2018-19 season from Junior Grand Prix)

This event is designed to provide opportunities for play for young players who are learning the game. It is designed to be as inclusive as possible. Some of the rules of the competition have been selected to further this aim.


The event will consist of up to eight 3 v 3 tournaments.

The age groups will be Under 12/13/14/15

Games will be played on badminton courts with a high net.

Under 12s will use the inside court markings and may take one step forward onto the court when serving. “Catch and PUSH” technique will be permitted but the level of what is acceptable will be briefed before each tournament begins by the event organisers. The catch needs to be above the forehead, the hold is a respectable length of time, not more than half a second and the push is sending the ball in the direction the person is facing. Twisting or turning before sending the ball is NOT permitted. All other age groups will use the outside badminton markings.

“Catch and PUSH” will not be accepted above age categories U13 through to U15. However, to enthuse new players and beginners and not to discourage novice enthusiasts some common sense on the day needs to be applied.

No use of feet in the playing of the ball – this is discouraged in early skill development of juniors else it will lead to bad habits.

Pools in any tournament may be mixed together to make the tournament viable. There will be separate age group results for each tournament.

If it is necessary to mix the age groups of the pools, then play will be to the younger age lines in any match between different age groups.

The team with the youngest player will always select the weight of the lightweight balls if there is a dispute. From the U13 age categories and upwards, the lightest ball allowed will be a Mikasa 230g or equivalent.

If clubs are finding it difficult to make enough teams it is allowed to play with a team of 2 or in alternative circumstances to play larger teams and use continuous rotation. It is also allowed to include one younger boy in a girls team or one girl up to one year older in a boys team.

All games will be timed. No time outs are allowed.


Teams entering the JuVoTo events will be expected to provide competent referees and scorers. These can be young people. Please ensure that referees have their own whistles.

Coaches can assist with refereeing when their own teams are refereeing.  Try to get the children to become as independent as possible.

Conditions of Entry

Entry is open to affiliated clubs and schools

Entry to the JuVoTo events is through the website.

Teams entering the JuVoTo events may be asked to provide people to run a future JuVoTo event. The organisation for these events is done centrally so that help is only required on the day of the event.

Future Planning

The South West Volleyball Association is always seeking volunteers to assist with all aspects of the JuVoTo events. If you would like to help with this please contact the SWVA or discuss with the organisers at the next event.