Player of the Match Poll

Although many league programs around the country have a “Player of the Match” award, we do not have one in the SWVA. It has been suggested that we add a Ladies and Men’s “Player of the Match” award to the 2013/14 SW league program.

It is anticipated that it will be similar to the National league “Player of the Match” award, where each team will nominate a member of the opposing team and record this on the scoresheet.

The “Player of the Match” award nomination will be entered after each match by the home team as part of the match result service. This will be automatically recorded and we can easily total this up at the end of the season to find the winner etc, so minimal overhead for the SWVA committee but increased PR for everyone, teams, players, clubs etc.

If you would or would not like to see a “Player of the Match” award introduced to the SWVA league program, then please let us know via the poll below, thank you.


PS: You will need to be log in to vote (all team contacts, Club Sec’s and officials etc have a log in, if you have not logged in before, please click “Lost Password” to set your password. If your email is not reconised, please apply to be added.