Team Sheet: Cardiff VC Ladies [CAF]

Please hand the team sheet to the match officials before the match (please cross out any player not taking part today, add shirt numbers, Captain (C) and Libero (L) where appropriate).

First NameLast NamePlayer Reg:Shirt Number / C / LPlayers Photo
Alys Cowdy 4892
Becky Nicholls 4665
Bethan Gray 4664
Cerys Webber 4676
Chiara Franceschi 4950
Clara Navarro veiga 4947
Erika Bučnienė 4677
Eva Oswald Lewis 4668
Ewa Janos 4871
Ina Iliescu 4672
Ivonna Prince 4667
Kelsi Day 4909
Laura Antuña 4674
Lily Thorne 4669
Maria Fernández prato 4675
Miriam Klammt 4671
Neli Mitchell 4670
Ruby Williams 4673
Weronika Janikowska 4666
Yew Jin Law 4880


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