JuVoTo Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is JuVoTo?

Answer: It is Junior Volleyball Tournament. The association organises a series of tournaments throughout the season.

Question: Who is eligible to play in the tournaments?

Answer: Any junior who was under 15 at the start of the season (1 September).

Question: How do I enter?

Answer: Individuals do not enter directly but should enter as part of a team from a volleyball club or school within the South West region.

Question: Does it matter if I cannot play every tournament?

Answer: No, teams do not have to enter every tournament. However the overall winners for the season can be the team that played more tournaments even if there were beaten in some by teams that only played one or two tournaments.

Question: How long does the tournament last?

Answer: Usually about four hours, although it depends on hall availability and the ratio of teams to courts at the tournament.

Question: Will I be playing non-stop for four hours?

Answer: No, although it depends on the number of teams as to how many breaks there will be in the schedule.

Question: Who referees the matches?

Answer: Teams taking in turns to referee. The schedule will allocate a team to referee each match. While the juniors are encouraged to officiate for themselves, it can be helpful for novice teams to have an adult on hand to give advice.

Question: Who can I answer another question?

Answer: Neil Bentley has compiled these. Please ask your question via the Calne Comets’ website.