Witamy in Polish, Bienvenue in French and Benvenuto in Italian. WELCOME in Polish, French and Italian. Welcome to this great new idea which encourages as many people from the Polish, French and Italian communities to start playing volleyball here in the UK.

Volleyball England and our consultancy partner Tweedekeer have recognised that volleyball is an integral part of sporting life in these countries and we would like to encourage these three communities to be the first to form their own volleyball club. We will follow on with more countries, once we have established a number of clubs around the above nationalities.

Via our new website we are running an on-line campaign to generate as much interest as possible within these communities, so that each will have its own volleyball club providing a sporting focal point for people to play and socialise.

With the help of our Volleyball Relationship Managers and Tweedekeer leading the process of making the right contacts within community centres, businesses, sports Clubs etc, we are developing a starter kit package for these communities.

Volleyball England will assist with finding the right locations, equipment and funding streams to set up a successful club. Once this is done, we would like these clubs to participate in our local, regional and hopefully even national league and become part of our volleyball society. Tribal Café, who developed the eurovolley website is looking for interested volunteers to help us with translation into the above languages and give even more support to this fantastic campaign.

For more information via Volleyball England contact:

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