Grants for NEW Teams

sport england logoIn a recent email to associations, Ian Poynton, VE Membership and Funding Officer is reminding everyone that if you have a new team in the South West League, National League or similar, then don’t forget to apply for Sport England funding.

“If a club or team is new then a Small Grant will pay for facility hire for the first year. They will also pay for anything else that is new i.e. kits for a new team, extra balls.

If it was an NVL club they would even pay for transport to away games!

So what we can do is apply to the Small Grants funding is between £300-£10,000 and I can help you to fill the application form in – items we could apply for include;

1) New posts and nets. Small Grants won’t fund fixed costs so we would have to do one of two options here 1) the school pays for the drilling of the holes in the floor, or the club 2) we “integrate” the costs into the application – but the installation doesn’t show on the quote

2) We could apply for new equipment, extra balls etc.

3) Coaching Qualification/s

4) Facility hire – Sport England could pay for facility hire for the first year of the new team!

Here is the link to the Small Grants web page

If you could get started by creating an account. To do so click on the apply now button. Once done I will then fill in the application form for you!

If you could give me a brief description of the new team, when they will train and play games that would be really helpful.”

If you need anymore details about Sport England funding options, see the SWVA web site for details (search: Funding) or give Ian a call 01509 227711,

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