Junior Decathlon Nets

SW JuVoTo (Junior Volleyball Tournament) events have been well over subscribed this season and it’s been good to hear from new clubs asking about hosting events. The most common question we get asked, is about Nets?

Various long net solutions exist but not many clubs or venues have fixing points for these. One solution is to use the 6m Decathlon nets. These are lightweight out door recreation nets but we fix them to badminton posts (via cable ties or velcro straps). Quick and easy to set up, transport and store. Height can be adjusted as required, for extra support, we connect them together with light weight bungee cord, if or when the posts get knocked, they bounce back up.

I recently put together a set of photos for another club, you can view then at: https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-6qttdm

PS: Also useful for sitting volleyball.

Available from Decathlon https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/bv300-set/_/R-p-9132  they are branded as Kipsta or Copaya net systems. If you purchase them in pairs, they did qualify for free P&P and hence worked out at £40 each, not sure what the current arrangement is.


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