SWVA Financial Director Vacancy

Success on the court is a direct result of having a good team of people behind the scenes, making sure that events can run, teams have training venues and coaches. Be Part of the Program.

SWVA Financial Director

Our current treasurer will be standing down at the end of the years and hence we are going to take this opportunity to create a new SWVA Financial Director position. With many clubs now paying on line and new on line banking tools & accounting services now available, the days of one treasurer with one cheque book appears quite dated.

Each of our SWVA activities e.g. Tournaments, League, SWJGP, IRC Training etc are all responsible for providing their own set of accounts and for meeting budgets set by the committee.

The new role of the Financial Director will be to oversee our activities, we are an active region with 400 registered members each year plus another 1000 associate members / players throughout the region. Benefits of the role include being able to contribute to an active Volleyball Program, sharing in our players success. Your time and commitment will directly help the sport and all players in the region, a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Duties of the Financial Director

  • To be responsible for all finances by ensuring adequate accounts and records exist.
  • To plan the annual budget in agreement with the committee and to monitor throughout the year.
  • To prepare end of year accounts and present to the auditor, management committee and AGM.
  • To ensure that all funds are used appropriately and banked promptly.
  • To plan floats with members and make them aware of procedures.
  • To maintain up to date records of all transactions and records of income and expenditure


Skills and qualities required

  • Have experience of managing and producing accounts.
  • Have a knowledge of using and producing accounting spreadsheets or other accounting systems.
  • Be reliable and honest.
  • Have a knowledge of various banking systems such as direct debit, on line banking.

Level of commitment required

Oversee the various SWVA activities, who are responsible for managing and providing their own set of accounts. Attendance the AGM and provide updates on budgets and financial responsibilities.

Tools for the role

The following are deemed to be essential items for a Treasurer to have in order to do their role:

  • A computer/laptop with back up facilities, access to emails and use of a financial software package or spreadsheet.
  • Access to the SWVA website / SWVA Exec page area
  • Filing system for recording and filing any information that is not stored electronically.
  • Previous years’ financial information.
  • Club cheque books, paying in slips and debit cards.

The role of a Financial Director or Club Treasurer is not always easy to fill, I would like to ask everyone to pass this around their club members. At the end of the day we all benefits so please help, to apply please email myself Dave Reece SWVA Chair at Dave.Reece@Network100.co.uk


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