Sandbanks CEV Beach Volleyball Festival Results


The Sandbanks CEV Beach Volleyball Festival hosted 210 teams over 3 days, for a fantastic weekend of Beach Volleyball. Teams from all over England and Europe made the journey to Sandbanks Beach in Poole. We were especially delighted to welcome back 12 junior teams from Landstede Volleyball in Zwolle, Holland.  The tournament is fast becoming their favourite event on the summer beach tour calendar.

48 teams competed in the South-West Schools Championships organised by Denise Austin on the Friday, whilst the tournament infrastructure was being set up.

Come the Saturday morning, we had a blue sky, no breeze and rising temperatures.  Following a group warm up by Fitness First which filled the promenade with players, volunteers and even some passers by joining in the fun, play kicked off at 9.30am Saturday morning with players of all ages showing off their growing talent and excellent skills on court. The fantastic performances by our young athletes continued throughout the weekend attracting lots interest from the general public who stayed and watched to find out more about the sport.

Breaks in play on centre court were filled with games aimed at getting people involved in beach volleyball, such as; serving the ball in the bucket and a rally with a giant beach ball! The tournament was also visited by 3 local Olympians, Dan Hunter (Team GB Men), Lucy wicks (Team GB Women) and Ben Pipes (Team GB Men’s Captain) who were on hand to answer questions, sign autographs and have photographs with our young budding Olympians.

With brilliant sunshine all weekend and temperatures of up to 28 degrees, players and volunteers were very grateful to Fitness First and ASDA for their donations of bottled water, and also Boots for providing a full range of much needed sun cream.

As well as Fitness First and ASDA, the Sandbanks Committee would like to give a huge thank you to the following people, companies and organisations who have helped to put on such a brilliant weekend of Beach Volleyball, whether it be donating prizes or helping with the equipment necessary to run such a large tournament; the CEV, Sportset, LeAF Academy, Bournemouth University, Volleyball England, Borough of Poole, Poole Tourism, Hall Hire, Breeze Volkswagen, Becky Ross, Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Animal, Nandos, Pizza Hut, Snowtrax, Compton Acres, Farmer Palmers, The Tank Museum, Splashdown, Beaulieu and all of the parents and coaches who helped the tournament run so smoothly.

Chairman  of Wessex Volleyball Club, Geoff Allen said “When the weather is so good, everyone enjoys their beach volleyball.  But there is a lot of planning and hard work that goes into making an event like Sandbanks run smoothly and a massive thank you is due to the group of Wessex parents who give their time so freely.  We were honoured that the CEV chose to support Sandbanks this year.   Hopefully, this will show them that such support can bring great results.”

The competition results for the weekend are as follows:

Check out Carl Edward’s video montage HERE. It’s awesome! For more photos go to the FACEBOOK page.

The competition results for the weekend are as follows:

U12s Boys Division 1
W – Niko Gleed and Iraj Safaee
RU – Noah Goalen and Yoan Kuzmanov

U12s Girls Division 1
W – Sophie Schouten and Michelle Van Leussen
RU – Issy Wedderburn and Yana Judson

U14s Boys Division 1
W – Ed Van Wingerden and Alfie Constable (British Champions)
RU – Javier Bello and Joaquin Bello

U14s Boys Division 2
W – Danny Mulford and Max Chellow
RU – Alastair Moxham and John O’Donoghue

U14s Girls Division 1
W – Bo Duteweert and Eline Van Heijningen
RU – Trude Spraakman and Linda Koers
Helen Farr and Sophie Watts (British Champions)

U14s Girls Division 2
W – Emma Withers and Jessica Ashworth

U16s Boys Division 1
W – Joel Roberts and Richard James (British Champions)
RU – Harry Jones and Tom Allen

U16s Boys Division 2
W – Harry Kanisius Pocock and Dominic Wisdom
RU – Nathaniel Thatcher and Ed Van Wingerden

U16s Girls Division 1
W – Trude Spraakman and Linda Koers
RU – Nora Spraakman and Annika Habing
Ellie Austin and Edith Waterman (British Champions)

U16s Girls Division 2
W – Bethany Ibbotson and Georgia Ibbotson
RU – Anna De Pascalis and Catarina Machado

U18s Men Division 1
W – Sam Allen and Daniel Genof
RU – Haydn Lawson and Sam Dunbavin (British Champions

U18s Men Division 2
W – Peter Rowe and Nicholas Morris
RU – Chester Searle and Harry Kanisius Pocock

U18s Women Division 1
W – Femke Zomerman and Margit Habing
RU – Anaya Evans and Millie Constable (British Champions)

U18s Women Division 2
W – Bethany Ibbotson and Georgia Ibbotson
RU – Beth Sharkey and Hannah Sharkey

U20s Men Division 1
W – Ryan Stout and Matt Hunter (British Champions)
RU – Aaron Walrond and Sam Allen

U20s Men Division 2
W – George Perry and Jamie Knowles
RU – Sam Woodward and Sam Giles

U20s Women Division 1
W – Paige Nelmes and Mechell Daniel (British Champions)
RU – Anaya Evans and Millie Constable

U20s Women Division 2
W – Esther Daniel and Freya Wincott
RU – Vicky Olive and Darshni Pandya

Mixed Fours (Saturday)
W – Lizzie’s Team
RU – You’ve been Tango’d

Mixed Fours (Sunday)
W – Misfits
RU – Sandbanks A