swva newsletter – issue 302 – 2015-Oct

Oct 2015 / Issue: 302 / SWVA Membership: 1,500

Hi all,

A bit of an international edition this time…

If you are a regular reader of Volleyball England’s 3Touch magazine, you will be aware of the growing relationship between Volleyball England and the Namibia Volleyball Federation with respect to assisting developing nations.

This relationship is not just restricted to VE, Kirsty Tapp (SWVA Junior and current SWVA championship runner up) put together her own program to help deliver volleyball to the Kephas Muzuma Combined School in North West Namibia. This was part of her school’s community project to the region during their 2015 summer trip to the country.

Dave Reece

Kephas Muzuma Combined School – Namibia

I went over to Namibia on a school trip, we had a variety of activities lined up, one of which was working at a school for 5 days doing general repairs. I was lucky enough to receive some volleyball equipment (portable net and some balls) from the Exeter Challenge project fund plus a ball, some pens, badges and a variety of coaching cards from Volleyball England to give to the school.

I thought I would be able to write this report before I went, saying how energetic and active the kids were, yet didn’t quite get the hang of volleyball. However, I was quite wrong.


At the school there was a skeleton of a volleyball court, which consisted of a cleared area, surrounded by small spikey bushes, and two posts, no net. The ground was a thin layer of sand on more hard sand, with occasional stones, nothing you would want to dive on, that didn’t stop them trying.


In the afternoons at the school we went out onto what was their field and played with the children with the donations that we had brought for them. On the first day I didn’t put up the net, but took a ball.

I thought this would be used as a football quite quickly, however just saying volleyball they knew and started to dig and volley the ball to each other. This attracted a bit of a crowd and soon the older ones had joined in and drawn a line in the sand for the net. They played with a ‘give it to the tallest player’ system, from watching this and talking to some of the children I found out that they are taught volleyball in school, and know who serves and do a simple everybody plays everywhere rotation.


Photo: Kirsty (with hat) setting the ball 

The next couple of days I set up the net, with help, wanted or unwanted. Quite quickly, even before the net was stable, a game had been established, with equal teams, although numbers consisted of around 8+ people on each side.

The sand became the score board, there was no rotation, but we did swap sides and there was very loud and aggressive arguments about net touches. More than 3 touches were not allowed and you must always go around the post, not under the net when swapping sides, otherwise you would be laughed at and told off.

The younger ones only knew what to do from watching the older ones, and would soon get bullied off the court when the elder ones came out.

Some would lock their fingers whilst digging and volleys where more fingers than thumbs, however, they were happy to receive any help, but I did find it hard to correct them whilst I was being called ‘The American’.

There was very little shouts of ‘mine’ happening, it was more everyone ran for it. The girls were the worst for this, people would come flying out of nowhere, landing on people as they came, just to get the incoming ball. The older boys just appointed spaces, of it’s in your space you get it, if you don’t they give you a very disappointed look, I found out.


From this experience I have learnt how differently those children viewed sports compared to children over here. They will try anything and put their full effort into whatever it is, even when they may not fully understand what it is that they are doing, they will still try.


I would not have been able to do this without the Exeter Challenge fund providing me with a net and some balls. I also received some items from Volleyball England, which included another ball, some pens and badges and a variety of coaching cards.


I gave these to the school when I left, I think the school will benefit hugely from the coaching cards as they had a variety of drills and techniques, with helpful pictures. The cards were in English, however, this should not be a problem as their English was very good and they learnt a lot by seeing actions rather than being told.

A short 20 second video….

Kirsty Tapp

Volleyball floor travels over 10,000km to Africa!!

Volleyball floor travels over 10,000km to Africa!!

Volleyball England and the Namibian Volleyball Federation are pleased to announce that after several months of planning and travelling over 10,000km from England, a taraflex floor has reached its final destination in Namibia, Africa.
Sport has always been seen a catalyst that can change lives or bring people together, and Volleyball England, Namibian Volleyball Federation in partnership with UK Sport, Sport England and DB Schenker have demonstrated the true meaning of collaboration with the aim being to develop volleyball and to enhance International Relations between the two continents.

Joel Matheus “This is a historic moment for our country and as President of the Namibia Volleyball Federation I am very excited about our partnership with Volleyball England. We are very honoured to be working together to develop volleyball and hopefully make it the most popular sport in Namibia. This partnership stimulates our desire to work harder to achieve our dreams. I would like to thank Volleyball England for helping us with our vision”

Dr. Elwani President of the Confederation of African Volleyball “I approve of such co-operation and assisting developing nations” After the announcement of the floor in Rundu at the start of September, the floor was used for the very first time for the second round of the Bank Windhoek NVF Cup.

Lisa Wainwright Chief Executive Volleyball England” This is just the start of the relationship with the region and we hope to continue to learn from one another, develop, inspire and really bring to life the true meaning of the Olympic solidarity.

CEV President André Meyer: “We have been working closely with Volleyball England to grow the game in Europe chiefly via the FIVB/CEV Development Centre (DC) in Kettering and I am pleased that with this action this DC’s successful activities are not only restricted to Europe, but they achieve a global dimension and resonance. The CEV always welcome any action where the transfer of knowledge, expertise and know-how can benefit the Volleyball family and grow the game worldwide

VE Web Site

Veterans Tournament – St Malo June 2016

We have a number of SW clubs who nip across the channel for various events, here is another one….

St Malo01

Bonjour, Je suis le président de VVBF (vétérans volley ball france).

Depuis 5 années nous organisons le Challenge de France Vétérans.
Si vous connaissez des vétérans (H ou F) qui aimeraient y participer, bienvenue : les inscriptions pour la prochaine édition =>31/10/15.
Le challenge se déroule sous forme de plateaux à 3 ou 4 équipes, jusqu’à la qualification aux finales nationales (pas de nationalité exigée) le 11 juin 2016.
Plus d’informations sur notre page facebook et notre site internet :


St Malo02

Nous souhaitons organiser un tournoi international vétérans si possible à l’été 2016.
Le site étudié actuellement est Saint Malo (avec proximité du Mont Saint Michel pour une bonne visibilité internationale).
Pour 4 jours maximum.
Une douzaine ou une vingtaine d’équipes (internationales) de chaque catégorie F35+ / F45+ / M40+ / M50+
(48 à 80 équipes).

Seriez vous intéressés à participer ?
Connaissez vous des contacts à prendre en Angleterre et d’autres pays ?

Merci d’avance

(c’est notre slogan : compétition et amitié)

Michel Balawender +33 (0)6 80 14 19 88

Grade 4 entry level indoor Referee Course

I am happy to announce that we have been able to rearrange the Grade 4 Referee Course in Taunton. Please find all the details below and in the attached document.

Kind Regards, Swantja Glindemann, Volleyball Taunton

Taunton, Wellsprings Leisure Centre

Sunday 22nd November 2015, Time: 8:30am – 5.00pm

Venue: Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton, TA2 7QP

Tutor: Roman Neveykin

Organiser: Volleyball Taunton, Swantja Glindemann

Course Fee: £50

Candidates must be at least 16 years of age


Included in the price upon passing the course is the referee registration with volleyball England for the 2015/16 season.

Course application If you would like to enrol for this course please go to the Volleyball England website www.volleyballengland.org/courses

If you have any questions about the venue, please do not hesitate to contact me: Swantja Glindemann swantja@gmx.de 07784 824 578

SWVA U17 Shirt Sponsorship

Providing the required kit for our SW Squads to compete in development events and the end of season Inter Regional Championships cost £500 per team, hence we are looking for some new sponsors to help with the new kit cost. Can you or your company help, once purchased your name will appear in all photos and team reports for the life of the shirt and hence represents good value.

In exchange you can use the team photos and the latest team reports in your company publications. Your company name and logo will be added to our list of sponsors and displayed on our web site pages (at the bottom) and forwarded to all members in our SW Newsletter. A minimum of 40,000 page views per year for the life of the shirt.

Offer of sponsorship or for your kit design, please contact Dave Reece (SWVA Chairman)Dave.Reece@Network100.co.uk

HEVO Conference 2015

The 5th Annual Higher Education Volleyball Officer (HEVO) conference took place last weekend at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering.  The significant growth in Higher Education volleyball was demonstrated with 76 students attending, this was a record number (42% increase from 2014).

The weekend was designed to equip the students with the knowledge, training and resources to maximise volleyball participation within their universities and were delivered in an interacting and practical format.

7 handpicked senior HEVO’s were also in attendance, adding lots a value to the weekend through their experiences of good practise and challenges within the programme.


UV image from www.uvgear.co.uk

One of the highlights of the weekend was the UVolleyball festival on Saturday night, HEVO’s were joined by inspirational Olympian’s Peter Bakare and Nathan French to experience the fun party-like format of the sport with UV lights, glow in the dark balls, lines, face paints and music.


October 2015

  • 10 Oct SW Girls IRC training Riverside Exeter 12.00 to 17.00
  • 10 Oct Junior Grand Prix, Wellsprings, Taunton 13:00 to 17:00
  • 24 Oct SW Boys IRC training Riverside Exeter 11.00 to 16.00

November 2015

  • 7 Nov SW Girls IRC training Riverside Exeter 12.00 to 17.00
  • 14 Nov Junior Grand Prix, Wellsprings, Taunton 13:00 to 17:00
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  • 29 Nov SW Vets Tournament – Riverside LC, Exeter 10:00 to 18:00

December 2015

  • 5 Dec SW Girls IRC training Riverside Exeter 11to 16.00
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