swva-newsletter – issue 311 – 2016-Oct

Oct 2016 / Issue: 311 / SWVA Membership: 1,800

Hi all,

Volleyball England have this morning cancelled this Saturdays SW Volleyball Voice conference, due to take part after the SWVA Exec meeting in Weston Super Mare.

However we will still have the Volleyball England presentation and hence there is an open house invitation for anyone to come along and to join in. Date: Saturday 15th October
Time: 11:30am – 2:00pm, Conference Room, Priory Community School, Queensway, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 6BP

Beach news: Below I have included an extract from Denise’s beach volleyball report, highlighting our SW players achievements on the national and international scene, more info below and well done to everyone involved.

Dave Reece

Beach Volleyball

This has been a very busy summer for the Junior Beach Volleyball across the SW with many of our players competing internationally and nationally more or less every weekend, congratulations to the players, club, coaches and support parents/guardians.

Congratulations to the players from the South West Competed in the following international events

• World U21 Championships Switzerland Anaya Evans, Harry Jones, Ellie Austin Issa Batrane
• CEV U20 Championships Turkey Anaya Evans, Ellie Austin & Harry Jones
• NEZVA U17/U19 Championships Sweden Anaya Evans, Ellie Austin, Lauren Huggins, Tom Allen, Ben Lucas and Dan and Jamie Harwood.
• World U19 Championships Cyprus Anaya Evans
• CEV U18 Championships Czech Republic Ellie Austin & Lauren Huggins
• CEV U22 Championships Greece Anaya Evans and Yasmin Kaashoek & Harry Jones

Denise Austin

My World U21 Experience – Ellie Austin

The North Devon’s pairing of Ellie Austin and Anaya Evans took on the world earlier this summer in a sponsored trip to Lucerne for the FIVB’s World U21 competition. We caught up with Ellie (No 2) and asked her about her experience.

Beach Volleyball, FIVB U21 World Championship 11.05.16, Lido, Lucerne  Foto: Julius Frick / 2016 FIVB

My story began 11 years ago when I first started playing beach volleyball with Anaya in primary school. Since then we have competed in various competitions together and have now competed in our first international competition together.

We traveled to Lucerne Switzerland on the 9th of May. On arrival we were overwhelmed with the incredible scenery and were extremely excited to compete is such an amazing place. Before the competition we put hard work Into training and getting used to the conditions. We trained and played friendly games with Turkey.


The experience of being put up against older girls and keeping up to the same standard gave me a boost for the games to come. Going into the draw the nerves started to hit me, seeing the other teams all in the same room waiting for the draw.


The tension in the room was high when we got drawn with USA we knew it was going be a challenge but we had a positive mind set to take them on.


After the draw the team talk became more specific developing our ideas on what the game was going to be like. The next morning we headed down to the courts in preparation for the morning match.

We did our normal warm up routine to prepare for the game. Seeing the team we had to take a lot on board because it was the first time we had seen them before.

Beach Volleyball, FIVB U21 World Championship 11.05.16, Lido, Lucerne  Foto: Julius Frick / 2016 FIVB

We started the game feeling the pressure and fell behind during the first set, losing badly. We then pulled ourselves together and fought as hard as we could to put pressure on the opponents and took us to a lead of 16-14 up.

Beach Volleyball, FIVB U21 World Championship 11.05.16, Lido, Lucerne  Foto: Julius Frick / 2016 FIVB

We linked well together and brought to court what we know we could. In the end unfortunately team USA pushed past. Although we were very disappointed we had an amazing experience and took a lot on board.

Ellie Austin

Editors note: Most major events have a mascot, I like this one…. perhaps we should get our own SWVA mascot?




(Photos from FIVB)

One Day Ref’s Course – Plymouth

16th Oct – Grade 4 Referee Course – Plymouth

Heles Community Sports Centre – Plymouth
Grade 4 One Day Referee Course


Olympic Sport Funding

The country has just had a very successful summer Olympics games in Brazil this years with a record investment in the countries full time athletes for the majority of our Olympic sports. Between 2013 and 2017, almost £350m in public funds will have been lavished on Olympic and Paralympic sports compared with £5m per year for the 1996 Atlantic Games.

Team GB’s 67 medals won in Brazil this year cost an average of £4,096,500 each in lottery and exchequer funding over the past four years.

Of the 366 Team GB athletes, 130 of them – just over 35% – returned with a medal. Of 31 sports, GB finished on the podium in 19 – a strike rate of just over 61%. That percentage is even better if you remove the six sports – basketball, football, handball, volleyball, water polo and wrestling where Britain were not represented in. Then it jumps to 76%.

The above figures are taken from two very interesting BBC reports on sport funding.

The average cost of this Olympic programme to each Briton, a reported £1.09 per year, represents extraordinary financial and emotional value.

Just one request, can we add Volleyball please….