swva-newsletter – issue 314 – 2017-Jan Extra

Jan 2017 Extra / Issue: 314 / SWVA Membership: 1,800

Hi all,

Lots of replies from our first edition of 2017, hence a Jan – Extra edition…

Dave Reece

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Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop – Cardiff

Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop – 21st Feb – £35 Every child deserves to enjoy their sport. This workshop <http://www.sportscoachuk.org/site-tools/workshops/about-our-workshops/safeguarding-and-protecting-children> will raise your awareness of the telltale signs of abuse, and give you the tools and confidence you need to deal with any issues sensitively, appropriately and effectively should the need ever arise in your coaching career.

The UK Sports Coach workshop forms part of the UKCC 1 coaching award, and is for anyone who has any responsibilities for children and vulnerable adults through coaching, club environments and volunteering. Cardiff Metropolitan University is hosting the workshop at the Cyncoed Campus on the 21st Feb 2017 from 6.00pm 9.00pm.

To book a place on the course (discounts available), please complete the attached booking form <http://www.volleyballwales.org/?p=10390> and return to:

Yvonne Perkins, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cyncoed Rd, Cardiff, CF23 6XD


Ball in Ball out – Update

volleyball-ball-in-out2In the last newsletter (issue 313) we included an item which asked the question “has the ball in / ball out” rule changes?

As many of you have highlighted, there has been NO change in this rule.

The rule is that the ball is in if at ‘any moment of its contact with the floor, some part of the ball touches the court including the boundary lines’. Therefore, you make the decision that the ball is ‘in’ at its full compression.

Thank you to eveyone who contributed to this item…

Junior Volleyball Tournament – Saturday 14th January 2017 Update.

Regarding the grand-prix can you add that there is a page about the tournament and the facilities available on the Calne Comets web site at http://calnecomets.co.uk/swva-mini-volleyball-grand-prix and also we will accept payment by bank transfer but people should contact me in the first instance if wanting to pay that way.

– – – – –

I hope that everyone has had a good Christmas and a happy new year. Just another reminder that the first Junior-Volleyball Grand Prix of 2017 takes place on Saturday 14 January 2017 at Calne Leisure Centre, White Horse Way, Calne SN11 0SP. 1 p.m.. to 5 p.m.

swjgp wsm 2014 p02

You can enter using the link https://www.swva.org.uk/junior-grand-prix-entry-form and the cost of entering is £15 per team.

Kids Club – Natebe Primary School (Zambia)

As you all appeared to have enjoyed Eleanor’s India item in the last issue, you may not know that we (Exeter Challenge Fund) have also sent Helen off to Zambia with a heap of Volleyball Equipment as well. It’s a slightly longer trip and you can keep up to date via her blog.

Excerpt below……

zambiaI’ve also done another week of Kids Club, this time at Natebe Primary School (Zambia). We always start with just playing games with the kids. I had the volleyball kit out again, and was teaching some of them how to play.

Some of them picked it up really fast and were actually quite good! I certainly wasn’t expecting to be encouraging them to move on from Catch-Push volleying to properly volleying in their first session!

Similarly I was able to have the second group playing a mini-game of 4s, with a basic “setter takes the second ball” structure. When it got to the lesson (somewhat later than planned as the teacher was enjoying playing volleyball too much and she wanted to keep going!).

Helen Mylne


swva iphone appiPhone / iPad / Mac Users:Adding the SWVA (web clip) App is really simple, just follow these steps below:

  1. Open the Safari web browser app on your iPhone / iPad / Mac.
  2. Browse to the page: https://www.swva.org.uk/swva
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  4. Tap Add to Home Screen.

FIXIT Youth Cup – Belgium

fixit-jeugdcupjpgOn 25th and 26th of May 2017, our club Fixit Volley Kalmthout is organizing the 6th edition of the FIXIT YOUTH CUP, an international volleyball tournament for youth teams with overnight stay. This tournament is open for all level teams, girls and boys.

•U15: born in 2002 or later (girls and boys)
•U17: born in 2000 or later (girls and boys)
•U19: born in 1998 or later (boys only)

Our tournament is organized with overnight possibilities. The accommodation is provided by youth organizations around Kalmthout and Wuustwezel. The total amount of places to sleep we can offer is 220.

Participation fee:
• The registration fee is €80.00 pro team and a deposit of €50.00 pro registered team. This deposit will be returned when the tournament is finished.
• Overnight stay and meals:
o For 4 meals (noon, evening, breakfast and noon again) and accommodation the expense is €40.00 per person.
o In case of two nights stay, (arrival Wendsday night) the costs are €50.00 / person (including extra breakfast)

Need to know:
• On Thursday evening all participants are welcome to our big barbecue. Afterwards everyone can party in the Fixit clubhouse. For those who don’t like parties, there’s also a space.
• Teams who can provide a referee therefore receive a discount of €30 on the total registration balance. This referee will be asked to lead 4 games each tournament day.
• Each team is required to provide a responsible supervisor, older than 21 years, who will guide the young. He or she will also act as contact for the organization.
• It is possible to order tournament shirts. This unique shirt costs € 15.


Online inscription is possible until the 25th of April.
Any more question can be send to tournament director
Dirk Eestermans : dirk.eestermans@fixit-volley.be

We hope to see you on our tournement!


Beach Summer School Required

vfrkDear Organisation, I am writing on behalf of a Volleyball Federation of Kazakhstan – http://www.volley.kz/eng

Our talented students are looking for a summer school around the world where they could possibly continue to learn English and, of course, practice their beach volleyball or volleyball skills.

We wonder if you could recommend us a couple of these schools which accepts international students during summer and providing both English and volleyball lessons.

Many thanks, Kind regards,Svetlana Solomkina proconsulsol@gmail.com

Alex Williams
Membership and Business Support Administrator

This communication is from English Volleyball Association Ltd., SportPark, Loughborough University, 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough, Leicestershire. LE11 3QF. Tel: 01509 227722 Fax: 01509 227733.