swva-newsletter – issue 317 – 2017-Mar Extra

Mar 2017 / Issue: 317 / SWVA Membership: 1,800

Hi all,

Time for a March Extra edition, if you are running a Summer event, then let us know so we can add it to the calendar etc.

Although the SW Champs and the Exeter Ladies challenge end of season events are all sold out, there are still a few places left in this year’s Exeter Men’s challenge (9th April). First come first served, details at: http://www.network100.co.uk/ec/main.htm

PS: The Exeter Riverside LC has now re-opened their sports hall, hence all SWVA volleyball bookings at the venue are now back on. The health and fitness suite and the swimining pool remains closed.

Dave Reece

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The 2017 Exeter Men’s Challenge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Challenge: Can your team come out on top in a series of seventeen minute timed matches, it’s intense, competitive and enjoyable. A complete cross section of teams take part each year. As always, please book your place early, first come first severed.

Entry forms are now available for the annual Exeter Men’s Challenge (9th Apr) end of season events: Details and entry forms at the Exeter Challenge web site.

Ladies Event now FULL

SW Awards 2017

The South West Volleyball Association appreciates the importance of volunteers in our sport and the huge contribution they make.  The Annual Awards go a little way to recognise their contribution and we hope that clubs and members will nominate those who they believe have put in their time and energy to assure the future development of volleyball.

All nominees for volunteer awards must be part of an affiliated club or association.   Nominees for the coach or referee awards must be currently registered Volleyball England Coaches or Referees (or have recently retired from long standing registration / membership). Nominators must follow guidelines given below as well as providing any additional relevant information that may apply.

The deadline for all nominations is 18th May 2017. Download the nomination form and forward to Ron Richards – rricha7122@aol.com .  Nomination forms should be returned to Ron Richards at the above email address or by post: 3 Woodside Grove, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 7RF. You can also make nominations online at: https://www.swva.org.uk/annual-awards-form

More info at: https://www.swva.org.uk/news/sw-awards-2017

Time to Listen Workshop

We are running a Time to Listen course as follows:

Wednesday 12th April 6.30-9.30pm

Devizes Enterprise Centre (Wiltshire College) £40 pp

We would be grateful if you could please promote this with any clubs to whom it may be relevant. More information and a booking form can be found at http://bit.ly/2nZIZX7

Kind regards

Joy Rickard

Sports Administrator
Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP)
Office: 01225 781500

A journey into the unknown

A journey into the unknown

By Douglas Barr-Hamilton

In the end, it lasted for four matches, spanned four different countries and brought a taste of European club volleyball to England for the first time in five decades. Defeat at the hands of the Dutch side Draisma Dynamo Appeldoorn may have knocked IBB Polonia out of the CEV Challenge Cup at the last 16 stage but, for everyone involved, the journey was an exciting – if somewhat challenging – one.

Reflecting on their entry into the competition, IBB Polonia’s chairman Bartek Luszcz said: “Playing in Europe had been long been a part of our club’s vision. We started preparing for this moment over three years ago. However, I was one of the last to be convinced that this was a good idea. The prospect of huge financial risk and the challenge of organising things properly were scary but I decided to go ahead; we had a dream and I don’t believe big things can be achieved without big dreams.”

You can see the full report at: https://www.swva.org.uk/news/a-journey-into-the-unknown

XVIII Summer Cup 2017 Official Invitation

xv111 summer cup 2017In Issue 316 we passed on details of the above event, I have since heard that a group based in the South East are currently looking to take teams this year and would like to hear from any player from the SW who would like to join them.

If you are interested or would like to know more please contact Bob Pickens at vbdc.volley@gmail.com

Joana Osorio (joana.osorio@gmail.com) our SWVA U16 Girls coach has attended this event on many occations, please feel free to contact her or have a chat at the next IRC training session if you would like to know more.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

The organization of the XVIII Summer Cup 2017 has the pleasure of inviting your prestigious team to participate in the 18th edition of this International Tournament of Volleyball.

This event takes place between July 5st – July 9th 2017 in Vila da Lousã – Portugal (located about 28 km from Coimbra) .

The tournament is aimed to teams from the following age groups:
• Under 14 (“Infantis”) boys and girls: born in 2003 and after;
• Under 15 (“Iniciados”) boys and girls: born in 2002 and after;
• Under 16 (“Cadetes”) boys and girls: born in 2001 and after;
• Under 18 (“Juvenis”) boys and girls: born in 1999/2000 and after.

xv111 summer cup 2017 courtMore details at: https://www.swva.org.uk/junior/xviii-summer-cup-2017-official-invitation

The Coaching Corner

The Coaching Corner

Bertrand Olie is the Academies’ Technical Lead at Volleyball England. As well as being head coach at the Loughborough Academy, he helps coordinate the Academy network, supports the Talent Manager and works on the Futures programme.

It goes without saying that he also knows a lot of drills – so we asked him for a selection of some of his personal favourites. As well as describing the drills, we wanted him to explain why he’s such a big fan of these chosen few. If you’re a coach who’s on the lookout for a few new drills, read on….

Favourite outside hitter drill:

This is the spike challenge drill. It proved so popular with my players that I even created an app to help us keep score. Mark out three squares on the court, each 2m by 2m. There should be one square in each of the deep corners. The third square is placed at the intersection of the 3m line and the far side line.

With your outside hitters hitting from 4, they score points for hitting those squares; 1 point for cross-court (the deep 5 corner); 3 points for down the line (the deep 1 corner): and 5 points for hitting the cross-court T. Points are only awarded for “proper” swings; no safe roll shots here!

Why do I like this drill?I just like the element of competition and the way you can vary the scoring parameters. Give the players a time allocation and/or set them a points target; the choice is yours. Do it as a team-based drill or even turn it into a 1v1 hitter duel. The latter can prove popular in a sudden death capacity; if your opponent hits a target, you have to hit at least the same value target to stay in the game.

Favourite serving drill:

This drill may more correctly be seen as both a serving drill and a serve receive drill. As I’ve said before, I’m a fan of combination drills. This is a 1v1 drill – server vs passer – so you could feasibly split your court in half lengthways and run it in two groups at the same time.

It’s a really simple drill; the server serves the ball into court and the passer must then both receive the serve and go and catch the ball they’ve just passed in front of the 3m line. If the passer does this, they get a point. If they fail (i.e. they pass poorly and either don’t catch the ball or the ball doesn’t make it to the front court), then the server gets the point. If the server fouls their serve, the passer gets the point. After a player has passed, they go to serve and vice versa.

Why do I like this drill?It’s another competitive drill which puts skills under pressure. I like running this so that each player serves six balls and receives six balls, meaning there are 12 points available to each player. Every contact matters. The server must serve as aggressively and intelligently as possible to put the passer on the back foot. The passer must not only pass – they must react and move again quickly enough to catch the ball in the front court; a task made much easier if they can pass the ball high enough to give themselves more time to move forwards.

Next time – Bertrand’s favourite middle hitting and game-based drills….

To re-read part 1 of this series, click here.

BUCS Hits Sandbanks Beach

New BUCS competition hits Sandbanks Beach this June

Entries are currently being taken for the inaugural BUCS Beach Volleyball Championships to be held on Sandbanks Beach in Poole on the weekend of June 3-4.

Delivered by Volleyball England in association with Sport BU (Bournemouth University), this new event on the BUCS calendar replaces the old Beach Student Cup. With BUCS points now on offer, the event organisers are hopeful that around 100 pairs will line up for the competition.

With beach volleyball continuing to grow in popularity on the university sports scene, the event is intended to act as a catalyst for more competitive events to take place throughout the academic season.

For this first event, entries are invited for men’s and women’s pairs – with a maximum field of 128 pairs permitted across the whole weekend. For both men and women, there will be a Championship competition for the highest ranked pairs, as well as a Trophy and Shield competition for lower ranked pairs.

Individual BUCS institutions can enter two guaranteed pairs, one male and one female, as well as up to a further three non-guaranteed pairs. The acceptance of non-guaranteed pairs into the competition will be determined by the number of overall entries.

Institutions will only be permitted one pair in the Championship competition but can have multiple pairs allocated to the Trophy or Shield competitions.

In addition to the pairs competition taking place across the whole weekend, the event will also feature a mixed 4v4 competition on the Sunday. Institutions can enter up to four non-guaranteed teams in this competition, featuring players from the pairs’ competitions and/or new competitors. There are however no BUCS points on offer for this competition.

Entry applications for both events can be made via BUCScore up until Thursday 6 April. Accepted entries will be confirmed one week later on Thursday 13 April.

Entry fees are £50 for the pairs’ competition and £40 for the mixed fours. Further information can be found here.