swva-newsletter – issue 322 – 2017-November

November 2017 / Issue: 322 / SWVA Membership: 1,800

Hi all,

The SW Newsletter has had a bit of a break but it’s now back, time for a November  newsletter. Plenty of junior Volleyball, the SW Junior Grand Prix is now onto round 3 this weekend (late entry may be available), the SW Junior Training sessions have been in Bristol & Bournemouth, now back in Exeter for the 16th Dec sessions.

Lots to read, a number of jobs and courses available. Success on the court is a direct result of the good work done by volunteers in the back ground and we have a vacancy in the SWVA for a Financial Directer. Be part of our success, details below, if you can help, then please let me know.

The SW League is underway and begining to take shape, Weymouth, Yeovil, and City of Bristol are heading the Men’s division, in the Ladies league it looks like Wiltshire Mavericks are the team to catch with Royal Wootton Bassett and Cheltenham & Gloucester in 2nd & 3rd spot.

Dave Reece


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Junior GP 3 – PETROC – Deadline today for team entries

Dear All,

The 3rd Junior-Volleyball Grand Prix of the season takes place this  Saturday 25th November at Petroc College, North Devon,

It starts at 10am and expected to finish at 2 p.m.

You can enter using the link https://www.swva.org.uk/junior-grand-prix-entry-form and the cost of entering is £15  per team.

Teams are generally made up with three players, but two can play together or you can have a team of four where players rotate in. It is also allowed to include one younger boy in a girls team or one girl up to one year older in a boys team.  The weight of balls should be appropriate to the age group playing and the team with the youngest player will always select the weight of the lightweight balls if there is a dispute.

I would like to make the closing date for entries Monday 20th of November at 6 p.m.

All players must be registered to take part in the Junior Grand Prix.

Player registration can be done by clubs by logging into the SWVA web site with your club login details (available from your club sec or coach) and fill in the Player Registration Form (Name & email address required). Print off your Team Sheets and hand them into the event organiser.

Direct registration to the SW Junior club is only for players who turn up from non VE clubs.

The remaining dates of the series as shown on SWVA Calendar web site page.

JGP 4.     Saturday 27th January 2018     – Wellsway SC, Keynsham, Bristol

JGP 5.     Saturday 24th February 2018   – LeAF, Bournemouth

The Finale of the season – SW Junior Volleyball Championships

Saturday 10th March 2018  – Hutton Moor S.C, Weston super mare (10-3pm)

I hope everyone will enjoy the season of Volleyball ahead – Jurek Jankowski

2017 Veterans Tournament Results

The SW Vets tournament is a handicap event for our older players where men and women compete against the clock, to either keep their handicap points advantage or to catch and overhaul the other team before the hooter sounds. Teams can be made up of any combination of players and the format throws up a different winner each year.

Results from 2017 SW Veterans Tournament

  • 1st Saga Louts – Torexe
  • 2nd Yeovil
  • 3rd Cheltenham and Gloucester VC
  • 4th Wiltshire Mavericks
  • 5th City of Bristol
  • 6th Plymouth Mayflower VC
  • 7th Royal Navy
  • 8th Exeter One
  • 9th Cardiff Volts
  • 10th Mature Cheddar
  • 11th Countrymen
  • 12th Torexe

First Torexe Saga Louts

Second Yeovil

Uni of Gloucestershire – Head coach required

I’m club captain of the Women’s volleyball team at the University of Gloucestershire.  We are looking for a coach to coach us one evening at week at Oxstalls campus, 7:15-8:15

Kind Regards,
Brooke Walklin

Please contact me on ‘brookewalklin@hotmail.co.uk’ if you are interested

SWVA Financial Director Vacancy

Success on the court is a direct result of having a good team of people behind the scenes, making sure that events can run, teams have training venues and coaches. Be Part of the Program.

SWVA Financial Director

Our current treasurer will be standing down at the end of 2017 and hence we are going to take this opportunity to create a new SWVA Financial Director position. With many clubs now paying on line and new on line banking tools & accounting services now available, the days of one treasurer with one cheque book appears quite dated.

Each of our SWVA activities e.g. Tournaments, League, SWJGP, IRC Training etc are all responsible for providing their own set of accounts and for meeting budgets set by the committee.

The new role of the Financial Director will be to oversee our activities, we are an active region with 400 registered members each year plus another 1000 associate members / players throughout the region. Benefits of the role include being able to contribute to an active Volleyball Program, sharing in our players success. Your time and commitment will directly help the sport and all players in the region, a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Duties of the Financial Director

  • To be responsible for all finances by ensuring adequate accounts and records exist.
  • To plan the annual budget in agreement with the committee and to monitor throughout the year.
  • To prepare end of year accounts and present to the auditor, management committee and AGM.
  • To ensure that all funds are used appropriately and banked promptly.
  • To plan floats with members and make them aware of procedures.
  • To maintain up to date records of all transactions and records of income and expenditure

Skills and qualities required

  • Have experience of managing and producing accounts.
  • Have a knowledge of using and producing accounting spreadsheets or other accounting systems.
  • Be reliable and honest.
  • Have a knowledge of various banking systems such as direct debit, on line banking.

Level of commitment required

Oversee the various SWVA activities, who are responsible for managing and providing their own set of accounts. Attendance the AGM and provide updates on budgets and financial responsibilities.

Tools for the role

The following are deemed to be essential items for a Treasurer to have in order to do their role:

  • A computer/laptop with back up facilities, access to emails and use of a financial software package or spreadsheet.
  • Access to the SWVA website / SWVA Exec page area
  • Filing system for recording and filing any information that is not stored electronically.
  • Previous years’ financial information.
  • Club cheque books, paying in slips and debit cards.

The role of a Financial Director or Club Treasurer is not always easy to fill, I would like to ask everyone to pass this around their club members. At the end of the day we all benefits so please help, to apply please email myself Dave Reece SWVA Chair at Dave.Reece@Network100.co.uk

Grade Four Refs Course – Exeter

Grade Four Refs Course

  • 17th Feb 2018
  • Exeter Riverside LC
  • 10.00am – 6.00pm
  • £55 / head

For full course details and booking please visit our courses page here.
To find out more about the Grade 4 Referee course, please click here.

More details from Ros Sutherland ros.sutherland@googlemail.com

Malawi Volleyball Equipment Donation

In the summer, Samantha Cory and Fi Pugsley from our SW U16 Squad visited Malawi with their school and took with them some volleyball equipment to donate. Their report below:

In July, we went to Malawi with 46 other students from our school (St Peters school, Exeter).

We were out there for three weeks and visited these places;

• Chimbya ( 2 nights/ 3 days )
• Mtunthama (1 week)
• Nkhotakota Pottery (4 nights)
• Marula lodge ( 3 nights )

We took with us 3 volleyball sets which included a total of 12 balls, 3 nets and 3 pumps. We were able to buy this through the money donated from the Exeter challenge fund.


The first place where we donated volleyball equipment was Chimbya. We put it up at a primary school, however the kids weren’t knowledgeable about the game and how to play due to the lack of resources they had. After explaining, they were able throw the ball over and then the other side would catch it and try to set it back over to make it as best game as possible.

The next place we set it up in was Mtunthama, where we set it up in a secondary school. Here they were very enthusiastic about playing volleyball and they played a lot with the school but they didn’t have the resources. As soon as we walked out of the house with the balls and net, kids would run after us, excited to play volleyball. They were eager to play and so the net was quickly set up with help from all the kids.

Everyone knew how to play volleyball there so we were able to get good rallies. We both made lots of new friends who we have kept in contact with since. They would organise to meet us so they could play with us! They told us that they had recently won a competition, which they were very proud about, and so this was good practice for the next one.

The ages varied from 5-18 years old but everyone played together fairly and all enjoyed it. They knew the rules and how to play however the younger ones had help from the older ones if they were stuck. We had lots of matches and we spent lots of time playing with the locals.

The last place we donated to was St Peters house in Mtunthama. We chose to donate the set here because we thought future groups would really enjoy playing volleyball and being able to chill in the garden. We also thought that, if needed, it could be borrowed by the locals to play between them.

All the places we donated too were very appreciative of our donations and we would like to thank everyone for the funding that made us able to buy the volleyball equipment.

Thank you,
Samantha Cory and Fi Pugsley

Grade 4 One Day Referee Course – Reading

Are any of your club members looking to become qualified referees? If so, they may be interested in the following Grade 4 Referee course that is due to be held at Bradfield College on 25th November:

Bradfield College – Grade 4 One Day Referee Course
• Location:
• Bradfield College Sports Hall, Reading, RG7 6AU
• Price per person:
• £55.00
• Date and Times:
• 25th November 2017 09.00-17.00
• Sign Up Deadline:
• 3pm Monday 20th November

For full course details and booking please visit our courses page here.
To find out more about the Grade 4 Referee course, please click here.

Kind Regards,
Vicki Carr
Project Delivery Team Officer
T: 01509 227729

My IRC Experience – Anna Chojnacka

Each year we ask a number of our youngsters to report back on their SW IRC experience, today we focus on Anna Chojnacka (SW No 6) from our U16 Girls Squad.

My name is Anna and I am a student at King Alfred’s (Highbridge, Somerset) and also a player at Taunton VC. Also was lucky enough to represent south west once again.

On the 27th & 28th May I was chosen to be a part of in the inter-regional championships; representing South West. This was my second time representing South West but, this time I was playing in the u16’s team. I was playing as a middle (also played as a opposite).

This year was a lot tougher than last year. I knew that the other teams also will be really good but I knew that we will do well; and we did. We won 4 matches out of 6, and we ended up coming 3rd in England.

I was so proud of everyone, of how well everyone played and cooperated with each other because we don’t really play with each other often and didn’t have much practice. All of us managed to get to know each other well and I feel a lot closer to my team. I learnt a lot and got a lot out of it.

I would like to thank all the u14’s and u16’s girls for making that weekend amazing.
Also I would like to thank all of the coaches, specially Joana; for helping me a lot throughout that weekend. Also Neil for organising everything.Hopefully I will represent my region next year.

Anna (SW No. 6)

Results from JGP No.2 – Calne LC

Here are the results from JGP No.2 held at Calne Leisure Centre on Sat 28th Oct 2017:

  • Taunton Stars – U13 Girls (Abigail Webb-Porto, Adelina Saiu, Mischa Jankowski)
  • RWB – U13 Girls (Gabriela Lara Moreno, Julia Moroz)
  • Wiltshire Mavericks – (Alex Steimer, Oliver Morris)
  • RWB – U13 Boys (Benjamin Lara Moreno, plus )
  • Calne Twins Plus – U12 Girls (Hannah Cuthbert, Millie Cuthbert & Nikolai Ball…U11 Boy playing for this team)