Exmouth Beach 4’s Results

Like most outdoor volleyball events during June this year, the Exmouth Beach 4’s took a weather hit this year but not nessesary due to the non stop rain. The weather on the day was mixed but generally rain free, it was the lack of sand, 50% of the beach had disappeared in the last couple of months due to the recent storms and hence half the playing area would disappear under the incomming afternoon tide.

Serveral last minute meetings were held with the beach owners who kindley agreed to rake the beach on Friday and Saturday to try and level the playing area out for us. No shortage of entries this year, with so many other events being canciled this year, it was good to find an event that was on.

Thank you to everyone who helped to move the tide affected courts further up the beach in the afternoon. Full results for this years Exmouth Beach Fours are available on the EBVC web site or direct at: http://www.exmouthbeachvolleyball.com/4s_results.php

Next Event

The 2012 Exmouth Beach Pairs Open Championships takes place on Sunday the 12th August. More details and entry forms etc on the EBVC web site: www.ExmouthBeachVolleyball.com


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