My IRC Experience – Samantha Cory

Each year we ask a number of our youngsters to report back on their IRC experience, today we focus on Samantha Cory (SW No 18) from our U16 Girls Squad.

“On the 27th and 28th May I was lucky enough to be selected to play volleyball in the England inter-regional championship competition. I was going to be playing as part of the u16 team, representing the South West. The competition was in Kettering, at the national volleyball center and I was to be playing the libero.

When I got there I was surprised at how big the hall was, the hall was split with the U14 on one side and the U16 on the other side. There were 2 matches going on either side and I was also amazed at the standard of the players there.  The players played tactfully as well as having big, powerful hits that skimmed the net.

sam cory libero

We had a total of six matches to play – three on Saturday, three on Sunday. We won four and narrowly lost two but we gave them a good game and they were only able to win on the third set by a few points. As a team, we came in 3rd position which I am very proud of as the competition were older than us and were very good.

I really enjoyed playing and watching the other matches as it was a good experience and a great way to learn. I feel much closer to my team and have developed good friendships. From the experience, I think I have improved and I now understand the game more.
I had not played libero many times before but I really enjoyed playing it as it is something different and it is a challenge.

I would like to thank my South West coach, Joanna, and the coaches and players of Torexe who have given their time to help me to improve.”

Samantha Cory

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