10 reasons why volleyball is the best sport ever!

10 reasons why volleyball is the best sport ever!

There are many reasons to love volleyball and every player, coach, referee, volunteer or fan will have a different reason. We asked the volleyball family on Instagram why they love the sport. So, here are 10 of the reasons why volleyball is the best sport.

1. It’s fun 

Volleyball is a really fun sport to play. From jumping up to block your opponent’s attack, to diving to the ground and keeping the ball alive, there’s so much enjoyment from getting stuck into a volleyball game.

2. The community 

The volleyball community is something special. It’s a close-knit community, full of friendly, kind and fun people. From coaches and players to referees and volunteers, there are so many people that love volleyball. Many people meet some of their best friends through the sport.

3. The feeling of a powerful spike 

There’s no better feeling than hitting the perfect spike, knowing it will go straight past a blocker. It’s also the perfect way to let of steam!

4. It’s great for fitness 

Playing a sport you love is a great way to keep healthy. It makes staying in shape fun! Being high intensity, volleyball is a good workout and burns lots of calories.

5. Teamwork is key 

In volleyball, you and your team must work closely together, you can’t succeed alone. Each player uses their specialist skills to help the team. Whether you win or lose, you’re in it together.

6. Volleyball is a TV star

Volleyball is such a brilliant sport, it’s become the centre of the popular anime series, Haikyuu!! The show is introducing children to the sport, who otherwise might not have found it. The joy of volleyball is now being seen by thousands more people.

7. Everyone can play 

There’s something for everyone in volleyball. With indoor volleyball, beach volleyball and sitting volleyball, you can play to your strengths and pick the game that’s best for you. All ages and abilities can get involved and enjoy playing the sport.

8. It’s easy to learn 

Volleyball is easy to learn. You can start with the fundamentals and build on your skills and knowledge from there. With our Volley2s programme, coaches and teachers can gradually introduce children to the game.

9. You can play anywhere 

The possibilities are endless, you can play volleyball on the beach, grass, indoor and even in the snow! The FIVB is currently developing snow volleyball, and it’s growing in popularity globally.

10. Amazing athleticism 

Volleyball athletes are extremely fit, strong and agile. From last-ditch dives, ferocious hits, dummy jumps, precise passing and leaping at the net, volleyballers give everything they have to ensure the ball doesn’t hit their side of the court.

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