2012 Volunteers

Volleyball is a very versatile sport, it is played indoors with a 6-A-Side game, on grass in the summer with a 4-A-Side game, on sand with Beach Pairs and a recreational Beach 4′s game plus their is also a Sitting version of the game. Add to this indoor and outdoor leagues, tournaments, Junior, Regional and National games and events and you end up a fascinating all years round sport.

Scoreboard, caller, speed gun, stats, all in a days work

Like all organizations, we are always on the look out for more people to come along and help out, you don’t need to play the game or be good at the sport, just get involved and joins in the fun. If you would like to do something then let us know, some training, courses and expenses are available.

For more details, please see the Volunteers Page on the web site:

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