2015 Exeter Challenge Results

It was another successful year for the Exeter Challenge with a sell out program once again in both the Ladies and Men’s events. The challenge brings together lower National League, Regional, local league and Crown Service teams in a single event.


This years Exeter Ladies Challenge winners were Torexe Topcats with Plymouth Mayflower in second place and Yeovil in third.

No. Club & Team Name… No. Club & Team Name…
1st Torexe Topcats  7th Wootton Bassett
2nd Plymouth Mayflower  8th Torexe Vulcans
3rd Yeovil  9th SW U16
4th Cardiff Falcons 10th Cardiff Jets
5th Torexe Aces 11th Royal Navy
6th Kernow Benenes 12th Bemi Bristol



In the Men’s event, the Royal Navy came out on top, with Kernow in second place and Bemi Bristol in third.

No. Club & Team Name… No. Club & Team Name…
1st Royal Navy  7th Poole Panthers
2nd Kernow  8th Torexe Spitfires
3rd Bemi Bristol  9th Torexe Hunters
4th SWVA U17 10th Countrymen
5th Yeovil 11th Cardiff Panthers
6th Plymouth Mayflower 12th SWVA U15

As well as an unfortunate injury delay during the event, play was also interrupted by a pigeon that had made its way into the hall via the roof and took to flying around the courts before disappearing back up into the roof.


More info plus a few video clips on the Exeter Challenge web site.


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