2018 Inter Regional Championship Results

Well done to all our squad member and army of volunteers for an excellent weekend of Volleyball.

Full size photos at: Volleyball/2018-IRC
Slide Show at: 2018 IRC slide-show

South West U15 Girls Squad

U15 Girls (Coach: Kate Falkner)

  • 1st London
  • 2nd North West
  • 3rd West Midlands
  • 4th South East
  • 5th South West
  • 6th East Midlands
  • 7th East
  • 8th Yorkshire

South West U17 Girls Squad

U17 Girls (Coach: Joana Osorio and Luis Stansbury)

  • 1st North West
  • 2nd South East
  • 3rd South West
  • 4th West Midlands
  • 5th East
  • 6th East Midlands
  • 7th London

South West U15 Boys Squad

U15 Boys (Coach: Dave Samuels and Luis Stansbury)

  • 1st London
  • 2nd South East
  • 3rd East
  • 4th West Midlands
  • 5th South West
  • 6th North West
  • 7th East Midlands
  • 8th Yorkshire

South West U17 Boys Squad (before)

U17 Boys (Coach: Ben Fairweather and Dave Gunter)

  • 1st West Midlands
  • 2nd South West
  • 3rd London
  • 4th South East
  • 5th North East
  • 6th East
  • 7th Yorkshire
  • 8th East Midlands
  • 9th North West

South West U17 Boys Squad (after)

MVP’s South West #4 Iraj Safaee


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