2018 Veterans Tournament Results

Tournament Final

It was another excellent sell out event at this years SW Vets event with teams from around the SW region, renewing old friendships, on court battles and having fun with the mixed handicap event.

The handicap system generally throws up a different winner each year so it was quite an achievement for Torexe Saga Louts to beat the odds and to retain their 2017 title with a golden points victory (29 to 28) over Wiltshire Mavericks. Well done to everyone involved.

2018 Winners: Torexe Saga Louts

Second: Wiltshire Mavericks

Third: City of Bristol

Fourth: Plymouth Mayflower

It was good to see a number of new teams at this year’s event and a special mention should go to Bristol Hornets who in one respect were the strongest team in the event, finishing in twelve place and hence supporting the rest of the table.

Final Results

  • 1st Saga Louts – Torexe
  • 2nd Wiltshire Mavericks
  • 3rd City of Bristol
  • 4th Plymouth Mayflower
  • 5th Exeter One
  • 6th Yeovil
  • 7th Bouneside Unlucky
  • 8th Cardiff Volts
  • 9th Countrymen
  • 10th Bemi 50th Tour
  • 11th Torexe
  • 12th Happy Hour Hornets

Event Notes:

A few younger members had sneaked into the hall as spectators and were demanding that there should be a similar event for 20 to 35 year olds. If anyone would like to take this on, please let me know.

It was also noticed that some trainers were the same age as the players wearing them – is this a Health and Safety issue…


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