A framework for the re-opening of leisure centre

Sport England has published the following frame work document for re-opening of Leisure Centres. sport england framework for re-opening gym and fitness industry.pdf

However the paragraph we are interested in…

Courts/Sports Halls (Page 4)

•If social distancing can take place, courts and halls will be open. However, for any activity where social distancing is not possible, these facilities/activities will remain closed/not played.
•Cleanliness protocols must be followed.
•If you are not sure which sports are suitable, please contact the relevant national governing body.



This document sets out the framework for opening gym and leisure facilities during an anticipated period of “social distancing” following the full closure of the sector due to COVID-19. It also provides the basis for individual operators to develop their own required technical operating guidance for customers, staff and supply chains once the Government has said facilities, or parts of facilities, can open.

The framework has been developed in full partnership with the major fitness and leisure operators, and has been reviewed by leading medical experts. It has also been informed by best practice from international markets where governments are at different stages of managing the COVID-19 crisis, and working with their own fitness sectors.

The gym and fitness industry will have a vital role in ensuring the ongoing health and wellbeing of the nation following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. We believe this role has never been more important than at the current time in helping the country and British society regain its health. The Government realises how important ‘exercise’ is, and as the Chief Medical Officer stated: “There is no situation, no age, no condition, where exercise is not a good thing.”

It is not intended to be exhaustive in covering every possible scenario but aims to provide a clear direction of travel for the sector. Nor is it intended to cover all aspects of every operator: there will be special undertakings for those with specific offerings. Operators can make their own decisions and can go above the standards within this document, but not lower. We are tailoring this as a two-stage opening approach – this document looks at the initial opening period and anticipated social distancing restrictions.

From Sport England Web site

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