Coaches Survey

Dear Registered Coaches in the South West and volleyball colleagues

I had organised a UKCC Level 2 course in Somerset which was to take part this month, but had to be cancelled. Unfortunately there will be a few disappointed who had received funding subsidies, registered and committed. I’m so sorry we had to cancel due to lack of interest.
At our February South West committee meeting, we responded to a need to hold a Level 2 course in our region; apparently it has been a wish for many a year.
Now that it is cancelled, I need to understand what may have been the reasons for the lack of interest. Please could you fill in this quick survey which I think may cover the necessary questions for me to gauge what could have been the cause.
It would really help me understand the regions feelings on this topic before I consider organising the next one
This email is designed to capture all the coaches in the South West, however the email list can be out of date and I could miss valuable coaches views. Please forgive email duplication, and forward to club players and colleagues who you think may not have got this email, as the answers may truly open up my eyes to the regions coaching demands, as well as allow me to feedback to Volleyball England with a common message from the South West .
Kind Regards
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