Exmouth Beach Update

A number of people have been asking about this summers tournament program at Exmouth, the following item is from the EDVA web site.

exmouth beach sand 2016-04

Exmouth Beach Tournament? Not Looking Good

It is at this time of year that we do our annual beach inspection with reference to setting up the permanent beach nets and arranging the summer program of training sessions, matches and the adult and junior beach tournaments.

exmouth steps

Spot the difference: 5 steps visible in 2015 / now 11 steps down to the beach

In recent years we have been effected by the winter storms and storm Frank in December has unfortunately taken it’s toll. The current beach level is a good meter below where it was last year, this evenings tide (as seen in the above photo) was 3.55 m, it would normally take a 4.50 m plus tide to reach the permanent beach courts.

We will have to wait and see what happens, last summer a good meter of sand returned to the beach in the May to July period.

storm frank 2016

Storm Frank Exmouth 30/12/2015 (www.pinterest.com)

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