Funding for Wall Net Sliders

wall sliderWe are delighted to announce that Volleyball England has additional funding to install Wall Net Sliders for clubs offering recreational playing opportunities to players aged 16 years plus, who are looking to play or are playing in local league and wish to grow their overall numbers of players aged 16 plus.

Due to conditions of the funding we have tight deadlines, equipment is to be installed by the 31st March 2017.

Applications are now open, where we would very much like you to apply for this equipment grant. The strict deadline for applications to be returned to Volleyball England with supporting documents and photos as detailed in the attached paperwork is Friday 10th February 2017.

In order to be considered for the funding you will need to complete the Wall Net Slider Application Form ensuring all areas of the Criteria are complete. Please Note; that if your application is successful you will be requested to forward a Purchase Order for £200.00 inc VAT for partner funding against the £820.00 inc VAT equipment and installation costs before installation can take place.

Please find attached to the email:

Please ensure you read all of the paperwork fully before submitting your application. Any questions please do let me know and we look forward to receiving your application

Kind regards

Samantha Harding
Adult Participation Manager
T: 01509 227742 M: 07850 938303

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