Go Spike Student Activator Award – Newbury

Date: 21st October 2018 12:00 – 16:00
Price: £35.00

This is a new role created by Volleyball England aimed at increasing the number of people aged 16+ playing recreational volleyball on a weekly/regular basis. The Activator can run sessions anywhere at any time; leisure centre, beach courts, parks, at work, youth centres, colleges, universities and community groups. Where there is suitable space indoors or out volleyball can be played. An Activator engages people to play though challenges and adaptive games.

Who is the Activator Award for?
Are you enthusiastic and know how to interact with the non and semi-sporty 16+ market encouraging them to take on a new sporting challenge? Or are you currently playing or leading recreational volleyball and want new ideas?

If yes, then step forward. Volleyball England will equip you with the volleyball skills to establish and lead the all new Go Spike Activator sessions which feature:

Flexible weekly session plan ideas
Adaptable challenges and games in a resource booklet
Guidance on how to lead groups of differing ability and size

Sign up Deadline: 3pm Friday 12th October 2018


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