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fivb scoresheet

You can now download a copy of the FIVB scoresheet from the SWVA web site (under the documents header). This does not replace our league requirements to use the FIVB scorepad but it could be usefull in other situations. Page two of the pdf file is a copy of the instructions for completing the scoresheet.

fivb scoresheet instructions

Our SWVA league and quite a few local leagues already operate an on line results and league table service, e-Scoresheets could be the next step.

On the new FIVB scoresheets, they have removed the box for player registration numbers (one of the requirements of the SWVA), however many FIVB events now use the E-Scoresheet which requires importing players registrations from a central database (which you down load before the match).

Do we need our own SWVA scoresheets, with the requirement of uploading a photo of the scoresheet, do we still need duplicate carbon copies?

We also have VE individual players membership for the future, on the back of your members card will be a QR code, this will hold your details and hence any event organiser can scan the card to confirm your match registration. Referees & Coaches already have this although the QR code currently just lists the VE web site.

I am interested to hear peoples views on this and possible developments, having laptops with a internet connection and integrated electronic scoreboard all sounds very nice but very impracticable. But we already have a collection of tablets and smart phones at each event and the requirement to photo and upload the scoresheet, plus enter the results online within 24 hours. Which could all be done before leaving the venue, can we develop this further to enhance our league along with the very practical paper scoresheet and flip cart.

For example on line “real time” match scores have been used by Volleyball England for many years. It’s not quite real time as it was only updated every few minutes, perhaps entering the score after each set. The “Live Score” option is used by many sports, our web site usage peaks every Sunday evening / Monday morning as people check out the match results.

Is there an app for scoring matches, perhaps used by other sports that we could use or adapt, what do other sports use?

e-score A lot of testing and development on the e-scoresheet was done in the UK on the run up to the Olympics, if you have not come across it before you can download a copy from the Data project web site at:

To have a go, you will need to enter the following [username: scorertest / password: scorertest], the USA federation also have a useful training presentation at:


Dave Reece


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